The costs and prices for hypnosis sessions are as follows

One hypnotherapy/coaching session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Single session

180.- CHF per single session /1 h

Please pay the fee directly at the end of the session. In cash or by TWINT.

Of course you will receive a receipt if desired.

I accept cancellations up to 24h before the appointment, after that the fee is due in full.

Price Hypnosis Teams:

Hypnosis prices by arrangement

How many sessions does it take?

I am regularly asked again and again, how many sessions do I need to solve my concern or problem. Or how many sessions does it take to optimize my quality of life, get healthy, quit smoking.

The perceptions, beliefs and inner programs of each person are very diverse and different. That is, I cannot write for panic attacks X sessions and for quitting smoking Y sessions etc. Many clients experience great success and progress after just one or a few sessions.

Therefore, I cannot give you a concrete price per problem. However, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also to be able to give you an estimate of how many sessions it usually takes. As I said, already one or a few sessions can initiate a change and consequently bring about fascinating results.

The procedure of a hypnosis session

My practice offers a supportive and calm atmosphere. You describe your concerns to me. Together we discuss the procedure that is most appropriate regarding your issue. In a light trance you take the first steps on the path of new success. I support you in entering a hypnotic state. You decide for yourself how far or how deep you want to go in hypnosis. Speaking and an independent “becoming awake” is possible for you at any time.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy as I use it has nothing to do with external control or loss of consciousness, as it is shown in stage hypnosis shows and Hollywood comedies. On the contrary, new solutions, strategies and insights are available to you. Because your subconscious knows solutions and ways out. Let us therefore contact and ask it directly.

Valuable and sustainable successes can therefore be achieved after just one hypnosis session.

Price hypnosis seminar and events

The prices for the hypnosis seminars or hypnosis info and experience evenings are indicated in each case with the appropriate seminars or workshops or course.