Therapeutic Hypnosis Zurich

The effective hypnosis in Zurich- hypnosis that works

Use hypnosis to your advantage. Make your subconscious your partner. And thus use all your resources effectively and intuitively.

Hypnosis offers the following advantages

  • It can start where the source of the problem is: inside you
  • No side effects

The hypnosis therapy session

A hypnotherapy/coaching session lasts approximately 55-60 minutes.

Hypnosis is the appropriate tool for changes of any kind. Competently and with the necessary ease, I Michael Schmidt, hypnosis therapist, will be happy to support you. It is about using your mind and your heart, as well as your gut feeling, to achieve the successes that have so far eluded you. Hypnosis is suitable, effective and fast.

Would you like to develop yourself further?

  • Have you had a goal in mind for a long time, but can’t achieve it on your own?
  • Have you already tried everything to get rid of a problem?
  • Is there something you know you can do, but you are not doing it?
  • Is it something health related?
  • Do you want to dissolve conscious or unconscious blockages?
  • Is it about anxiety or stress management, success control or regaining joy in life?

Then you are right here in your search, because hypnosis can help

I help you to resolve your issues. I help you achieve your goals. With hypnosis.

If you are looking for someone who can effectively help you with your current problem using hypnosis, you have found it here. It is quite possible to find a solution relatively effectively and quickly. Numerous successes and my many years of experience as a therapist confirm that hypnosis can soon bring the desired effect into your life.

It is important to me to pick up my clients with the right intuition where they are in life. This is probably a decisive factor in my success.

Why come to Michael Schmidt Hypnosis Zurich?

As an individual therapist and seminar leader and with over 20 years of hypnosis experience, I have been able to help many people in a variety of situations in their lives.

I am asked again and again, what is the ultimate success of hypnosis as I use it? The secret is simple: it depends on the right format of hypnosis.

That is, individually appropriate hypnosis and, depending on the issue and life situation, a precisely tailored hypnosis that works.

The topics and life situations of my clients are very varied. Over the years I have developed a talent or skill to use therapeutic hypnosis based on appropriate suggestions. And then to make them work effectively and in an optimal way for each individual. At the same time, it is also necessary to skillfully involve the unconscious part of us. This is probably a decisive key to the success of therapeutic hypnosis in recent years.

Basically, our body and mind are so ingenious that we already carry the solution within us.

Hypnosis can help to bring out and activate this solution. To reduce and eliminate fears and blockages. A new quality of life is now possible.

What you can expect from Michael Schmidt Hypnosis Zurich

A transformation or change is to take place. Hypnosis is therefore not only a state, but above all a process. A process that should have a holistic effect. A positive, lasting and fully automatic change is to be initiated and stimulated.

  • Activation of your natural abilities and resources
  • state management
  • Dissolution of blockades
  • Dealing with the past
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Using your own unconscious as an ally
  • Self-hypnotic anchoring of your new behavioral patterns behavior patterns, your reactions and your habits

Costs of hypnosis

A hypnosis session of one hour costs: 180.- CHF.

Short description of a usual procedure: You describe your concerns. We do some hypnotic preliminary exercises and find out what you want in the future and what not. I lead you into trance as previously discussed. And lead you further into a suitable hypnosis that can work regarding your concern. Afterwards, if desired, a short final talk.

Hypnosis Seminars

More and more people want to experience and use hypnosis. In my seminar offer there is the possibility for this.

Hypnosis Training

15 days hypnosis intensive to hypnosis therapist (with certification). More info.

Your next steps:

  1. Book appointment
    In the online booking tool (here is the link) you will find an appointment that suits you and then you book it. It will be confirmed to you by email. If you have special appointment requests or want an appointment with me in my other practice in Ticino, you are welcome to contact me by email.
  2. Come to the practice
    In the relaxed atmosphere of my hypnosis practice, you present your concerns to me. You describe what you want and what you don’t want.
  3. Therapeutic hypnosis
    I explain to you by means of preliminary exercises what hypnosis is and what it is not. Further, I am open to any questions that are on your mind regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I will not hold anything back and will be happy to explain to you the phenomenon of effective hypnosis. In addition, I can illustrate to you why therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be so successful.
  4. Your individual hypnosis
    Now we start with the hypnosis. At the pace and depth that you desire and that we have previously discussed. A hypnotic trance takes place. The unconscious part in you is invited to join in. This helps you to call the new changes into your life unconsciously in the future. Therefore, with the help of skillful suggestions, the desired change can now be brought into your life and take place. A process of optimization sets in and takes effect.
  5. End of the session
    In an optimal way I lead you out of hypnosis again. If necessary, we anchor the new (resources, behavior patterns, talents, etc.) or make sure that unpleasantness, blockages and fears have dissolved. Now nothing stands in the way of your new quality of life.

Please note: For larger concerns, several sessions are recommended. In a first session you usually take the first giant step of change: the step you always wanted to take. Further sessions can then help you to accept the new as a normal standard in your life and to get used to the new, more optimal quality of life. It also often happens that other minor concerns and other issues now surface and can finally be addressed.

Positive side effects of a hypnosis session can be more self-awareness and self-confidence.

And most importantly, a new energy and resonance spreads through one.

Can hypnosis help with anything?

Hypnosis uses your inner world of thoughts and feelings as a basis. Changes in your inner thought world affect your psyche and body.

A simple short hypnosis example:

Imagine a stressful situation or remember an argument you had the other day. Allow yourself a short time to do this. Your feelings and your inner world will change. Your energy will change.

And now imagine one of your most beautiful vacation experiences before your inner eyes. Really imagine it and remember it: What did you see, hear, feel and maybe taste. How did you move, what were your thoughts, etc.? Allow yourself a little time to do this. – Your body will respond positively. You may even have a smile on your face. Some very precious memories will be awakened in you. One or the other happiness and relaxation hormone will activate in you and you will feel good. This while breathing calmly and healthily.

Congratulations! You have been able to change your state from unpleasant to pleasant within a short time.

Hypnosis is about bringing your inner world (possibly also inner conflicts) back into balance or harmony on the basis of your inner world and perception. This harmony then affects your body.

Can hypnosis treat everything?

Hypnosis basically works on everything that is controlled by the conscious and unconscious part in us. And it can therefore work on very many concerns:

Reduction of stress and pressure – Fear of heights – Examination anxiety –
Weight loss – Hearing loss, tinnitus – Psychosomatic concerns –
Aggression – Inner malaise -Smoking –
Fears and anxiety – Inner dissatisfaction – Repatriations –
Lack of drive – Cancer – Sleep disorders –
Allergies – Lack of concentration – Pain –
Asthma – Stage fright – School problems –
Appearance anxiety – Learning problems – Self-confidence –
Acceleration of the healing process – Migraine – Self-esteem –
Relationship problems – Bullying – Sexual concerns –
Blockades – MS, Multiple Sclerosis – Sports optimization (golf, tennis, competitive sports, …) –
Burn-out – Nervousness – Speech disorders, stuttering or speech blockages –
Chronic pain – Neurodermatitis – Stress-Managment –
Depression – Public appearance – Addictive vices such as alcohol, smoking, other intoxicants, gambling, internet, cell phone …) –
Drug and addiction problems – Public speaking – Animal phobia (spiders, snakes, dogs, mice…) –
Eating disorders (emaciation, bulimia, eating attacks) – Organ donation – Tinnitus –
Fingernail biting – Panic, panic attacks – Traumas –
Fear of flying – Phobias of all kinds – Sadness –
Memory disorders – Claustrophobia – Dealing with the past
Skin problems – Post-traumatic disorders – Teeth grinding –
Hay fever – Procrastination – Obsessive-compulsive disorder – and more

Is there a topic missing or is your concern not included? In fact, the concerns, challenges and problems of my clients are as numerous and varied as the people themselves, so this list cannot be complete at all.

Schmidt Hypnose Zurich represents the following

Helping you regain a valuable quality of life and a healthy work-life balance. This means to bring back the healthy mix of your talents and abilities in you and to realize the minimization of the effect of un-good things in your life. Hypnosis can help you do this very effectively and powerfully.

Hypnosis can decisively support you in:

  1. problems, blocks, fears, traumas, and other concerns can be changed, reduced, or gotten rid of altogether.
  2. talents, skills and strengths can be reactivated or strengthened in your favor.

Give yourself permission for HEALTH, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS

Embark on new paths of success. Or better yet, let your own intuitive, universal power carry you. Combine the conscious with the unconscious, but this time according to your specifications and wishes. Use hypnosis.

Start by booking your first hypnosis one-to-one session now. A good opportunity to act now and a manageable investment of 180.- CHF.

Geben Sie sich die Erlaubnis zu GESUNDHEIT, GLÜCK und ERFOLG

Gehen Sie neue Wege des Gelingens. Oder noch besser lassen Sie sich von der eigenen intuitiven, universellen Kraft in sich tragen. Kombinieren Sie Bewusstes mit Unbewusstem, aber diesmal nach Ihren Vorgaben und Wünschen. Nutzen Sie die Hypnose.

Starten Sie indem Sie Ihre erste Hypnose Einzelsitzung jetzt buchen. Eine günstige Gelegenheit jetzt zu handeln und eine überschaubare Investition von 180.- CHF.

Schmidt Hypnose Praxis Gebäude Ilgenstrasse 4 in Zürich

Michael Schmidt Hypnosis Zurich
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8032 Zürich

078 745 90 60

Hypnosis Zurich at a glance

Schmidt Hypnose Zurich practice in the city of Zurich. The state of health, bad habits or powerlessness in the face of situations, are most of the reasons why more and more people come to see me in my hypnosis practice. They want to find solutions. That is, to learn and experience new ways of optimization through hypnosis or self-hypnosis. Then you are right here and have found a way to change your life and habits quickly and effectively.

More and more people who previously had no solution to their concerns are discovering hypnosis as a valuable option and have found what they were looking for.

Read more about what hypnosis is, the applications of hypnosis or check in the online section the videos about me.

Schmidt Hypnose Zürich

I offer hypnosis in Swiss German, German, English and Italian.

Michael Schmidt Hypnosis Practice Zurich

Michael Schmidt
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8032 Zürich
Tel. 078 745 90 60

Do you want to change? Then you are in the right place.

A list of the main areas in which hypnosis can also help you


Smoking, sweets, gambling, stimulants, ecstasy, snacking, shopping frenzy, cleaning frenzy, consumption of spirits intoxicants, heroin, cannabis, electronics: Internet, cell phone, computer games, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and some more …


claustrophobia, fear of heights, panic attacks, fear of the dark, fear of flying, blockades, fear of not being able to say NO, fear of success, social fears, traumas, speech blockades, financial fears, public appearances, fear of crowds, stage fright, test anxiety, fear of bullying, perfectionism, cave or tunnel fear, fear of creepy crawlies, spiders, snakes, cats, mice, dogs and other animals …


Pollen allergy, hay fever, food, insect bites, animal dander, skin allergies of unknown origin, cleaning products, asthma, and more.

Work and profession

Mastering stress, dealing with pressure, preventing burnout, getting rid of burnout, mastering exhaustion, workplace bullying, job interview anxiety, optimizing behavior, self-awareness, self-worth and self-confidence, dealing with criticism, presentation skills, managing success, personnel management, …


Losing weight, acquiring healthy and vital eating habits, coping with binge eating and ravenous hunger, binge eating, bulimia, sweets, potato chips, cola, stimulants, reducing or avoiding caffeine, slimming, eating disorders, changing habits …

Family / Partnership

Jealousy and mistrust, shyness, relationship problems, understanding, how to say it…, sexual dysfunction, raising children and more.

Children, i.e. the most common concerns with children and adolescents

School problems, learning blocks, fears, test anxiety, computer or game addiction, inappropriate behavior patterns, speech blocks, stuttering, allergies, bedwetting, traumatic experiences, sleep disorders, listlessness, dealing with criticism, fear of bullying, social anxiety, …


Please note: Hypnosis does not replace a visit to a specialist or therapist. Nevertheless, hypnosis can have a decisive influence on health issues. Especially in psychosomatic medicine. It can also have a healing effect or supportive effect in certain disease processes. Meanwhile, it has been scientifically proven that hypnosis can have and effect a very positive effect especially in health issues.

Support of healing, psychosomatic diseases, depression, state of exhaustion, skin diseases (for example inflammations, psoriasis, acne, eczema, itching, neurodermatitis), high blood pressure, asthma, tinnitus, hearing loss, MS multiple sclerosis, and much more.


Increasingly, there are people who are concerned with past lives and their effect on our lives today. With the help of hypnosis it is possible to change one’s own state of consciousness. This state can open up spaces of experience, which possibly enable a contact with this exciting topic, which is not possible in our waking consciousness. I offer a separate seminar on this subject.

To recognize possible old energies and resonances, to release and change them. Being curious and exploring. Among other things, to promote abilities and talents. Recognize deep fears and blockages or finally dissolve them.


Insomnia, waking up and not sleeping through the night, problems falling asleep, nightmares, sleepwalking, lucid dreaming, teeth grinding, recurring dreams, other sleep disorders.


Headaches, limb pain, back pain, joint pain, migraines, chronic pain and many more. Please note in case of pain always clarify the cause first.

Sports Optimization

Optimizing mental training, focusing at the right moment, activating inner resources, optimizing concentration, learning and implementing sports hypnosis and the appropriate self-hypnosis, using endurance and resources effectively, finding and maintaining calmness and composure as well as the “peak state”. Tension and relaxation management, train optimally, for performance athletes: intentionally go into optimal sports and performance hypnosis like the pros.

Dealing with the past

Processing traumatic events, childhood, adolescence, time of illness or injury heal psychologically, working through strokes of fate, etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Stuttering, twitching, tics, feeling uncomfortable around people, disruptive behavior patterns, and more.
Accordingly, with an optimal hypnotic trance, you can also

  • get rid of disturbing unfavorable habits
  • acquire beneficial valuable habits