Can hypnosis help with burnout?

Burnout and stress have become buzzwords. But they have also become a serious problem. Burnout comes from the English and means burned out or burned off. It is a state of overload or exhaustion. Better said, it is an overload of our mind or our body or even of both at the same time. In particular our mental body.

Usually burnouts are first recognized by the environment of the affected person, when the person is already really ill. And only afterwards by oneself. Since it is a creeping process, it takes some time or sometimes even a health event to open the eyes of the affected person. And only then does she/he realize: “Hey, something is going mighty wrong in my life”.

I can’t do it anymore! – is a typical sentence of people with Burnout Syndrome

What many do not know: Women and men are equally affected. But in practice it is the case that more men are treated.

Typical burnout symptoms are:

  1. sensation of emotional exhaustion. The performance is consequently reduced.
  2. the refueling of one’s own energy through rest, hobbies, family or other compensation no longer works as it used to.
  3. perception of great emotional and physical strain and tension. The affected person feels dull, tired, weak and powerless. That is, types of irritability or listlessness are present.
  4. a distance develops between the environment and oneself. Initially, an indifferent, sometimes even a cynical attitude towards the environment and fellow human beings develops. De-personalization becomes widespread.
  5. the affected often feel overburdened. They feel that they cannot achieve much or make a difference. Failure sets in and there is a lack of success. The difference between the demands and one’s own performance is seemingly ever greater. This creates a vicious circle. The belief in the meaning of one’s own activities and existence is questioned. 6.
    In addition, numerous other health or psychological symptoms can manifest themselves in individually different ways.

In addition: indifference, cynicism, distance, irritability tension. Also, lack of drive, sensory deprivation, ineffectiveness and hyperactivity. The efficiency is reduced. Aggressiveness, psychosomatic illnesses or depression develop. An increased danger of addiction unfolds. An interplay develops between external stress and internal reactions. People who have unresolved emotional problems are affected more often and more frequently. Eventually, a breakdown can be the result. Illness develops.

Especially with emotional and psychological problems, hypnosis can be supportive or even initiate the change you need now. Also blockades and fears can be dissolved relatively fast and effectively by hypnosis. This can already be a first step to counteract burnout with hypnosis.

Burnout Hypnosis

Main triggers for burnouts are thus:

Stress and pressure, which can no longer be managed. That is, with a lack of balance and continuous stress and unpleasant feelings, an emotional exhaustion sets in. In addition, often accompanied by sleep disturbances, feelings of restlessness and mental circles. With all these symptoms, hypnosis can be a suitable means to return you to a normal state. Those affected should break the cycle of performance and exhaustion loop as soon as possible. First mentally and then also in the physical world, because prolonged external stress and internal pressure can lead to illness. The result is emotional exhaustion.

The affected person must be brought out of his performance and exhaustion loop in any case. To use hypnosis for burnout makes sense, because first the way we think can be influenced. That is, the way we deal with stress or pressure can be changed. The inner stress management is optimized. Especially your own perception can play a trick on you in life and with the help of hypnosis it can be rearranged in such a way that your quality of life does not suffer any further. It is quite possible that your handling of stress and pressure will be more harmonized and optimal after a hypnosis session. So that you do not continue to lose energy unnecessarily and can not refuel it again.

Interrupt this burnout cycle actively with a burnout hypnosis therapy

Because the quality of life you feel can be optimized by changing your own inner mental and subconscious processes.

Hypnosis can be the right tool to fight and overcome the Burnout Syndrome

  • Your needs are recognized, strengthened and also your resources and skills are developed.
  • A more valuable work-life balance is established.
  • You can work through stressful events in your life.
  • Optimization of inner convictions, beliefs and perceptions are possible again.
  • Expansion of self-esteem.
  • You have increased access to calmness and composure again. And thus to harmony and energy.
  • Fears related to burnout can be treated and eliminated or dissolved.
  • Activation of your self-healing powers and a regeneration of the central nervous system is therefore possible.
  • Normal quality of life can be restored.
  • A healthier and more optimal self-perception is restored.

People who treat the disease burnout with hypnosis can recover faster and more sustainably than those who do not use hypnosis and continue to refuse to acknowledge the disease.

Step by step, hypnosis can guide you out of the burnout syndrome. Furthermore, it encourages you to find your way back to a more fulfilling, energetic life.

How would it be for you if in the future you could recharge your batteries and the daily stress or the extraordinary stress would not burden you as before. How would it be if this listlessness that is actively inside you at the moment would vanish into thin air. And new inspiring ideas and a kind of adventurousness and curiosity for new things would arise.

Use a burnout hypnosis session or therapy for yourself

It’s like the story about the frog that you throw into a pot of hot, almost boiling water. He jumps right back out and nothing happens to him. It survives. However, if you put it in cold or lukewarm water, it stays in. If you then slowly heat the water until it boils, the frog stays in. Although he is increasingly unwell and it goes to his health. That is, although the water becomes hot, he does not leave the environment (the slowly boiling water). Until he finally dies in the hot boiling water. It is the same with our daily stress level. Every day, every week, every month a little more burden, stress, fears or blockages. Every day a little hotter. You don’t even notice it yourself. Until it gets to your true substance. And finally to your health and psyche. Don’t let it get to that point!

The fact is that all burnout sufferers who have overcome it and found a normal quality of life again, have finally dealt with an inner process, for example with yoga, meditation or hypnosis and self-hypnosis to recover. I am happy to support you in this process.

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Get rid of burnout with hypnosis