Chronic pain: Hypnosis can help

What exactly can hypnosis do and most importantly can hypnosis help you with chronic pain? Pain is a warning signal from the body that something is wrong. So is chronic pain, so medical treatment and clarification is the first thing that is needed.

Chronic pain is related to the psyche. The advantage with hypnosis is that it involves the psyche, the body and the soul and subconscious processes. The parts that are not considered in a treatment where only the conscious mind is consulted. In hypnosis they are.

I may not be able to tell you the causes of your chronic pain either. Nor can I offer you an immediate solution in the conventional sense. But your unconscious mind may be able to in the first hypnosis session. Because it knows both cause and solution, respectively the solution to relieve the pain or even get rid of it completely. And finally I can support you in this: Experiencing effective hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy against chronic pain

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is not a panacea. But it allows the respectively to contact your subconscious and in a relaxed state to reduce the conscious mind to a minimum. Recognizing things that were not recognizable before, as in the waking consciousness with the clear, awake mind, allow to recognize solutions. And then to let these solutions flow in to approach and experience a new pain-free future.

The best way to communicate with the unconscious is to go into a light hypnosis and from there ask skillful questions and initiate changes. First on the unconscious level, then later on more and more in the waking consciousness by means of concrete suggestions for change and metaphors. To then finally manifest the desired changes in everyday life. It is exciting how versatile the causes and the solutions can be, which my clients experience and recognize. Often a few sessions are enough to initiate changes. My function is only to guide them into the appropriate state. Even a first hypnosis, in which the pain subsides and no longer manifests itself in the way it did before, is often quickly possible.

Give yourself the opportunity to find new solutions. Especially if you have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time. Recognize that hypnosis can be a valuable option to address chronic pain. Book a first hypnosis session in my hypnosis practice in Zurich and allow something new to flow into your life.

Hypnosis chronic pain

Using hypnosis to address chronic pain can be an ideal way to help relieve chronic pain.

The word chronic comes from Latin and loosely translated means: currently belonging to

But most importantly, the word chronic is used as

  • slowly developing
  • slowly developing
  • slowly progressing
  • not ceasing at all
  • lasting for a long time
  • etc.

understood and evaluated.

Colloquially, the word chronic is often used jokingly in the form of occurring again and again or constantly. Also, the idea haunts people’s minds that chronic pain is not fixable at all. However, this is a fallacy.

Chronic pain, unlike conventional pain, does not have a clearly defined starting point. They develop insidiously and slowly. Chronic pain can often only be treated symptomatically. Hypnosis seems to be a suitable means for this, since the actual cause of the pain often lies hidden in the subconscious. Conventional medicine can therefore not always produce the effect that is intended. The problem lies deeper and can also be of a complex nature. Chronic diseases and the chronic pain are many-sided and have a great variety. Therefore, the solution is not always obvious. Involving your subconscious mind to recognize what helps is therefore obvious and seems to be the right approach.

With skillful use of hypnosis, you can achieve step by step and over time a relief or complete disappearance

Using hypnosis to get rid of chronic pain – Hypnosis chronic pain

In fact, it has often happened that pain, which has burdened the patient for years, has completely disappeared. Hypnosis is a proven way to bring about a change in chronic pain relatively quickly.

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Chronic pain: Hypnosis can help