Psychosomatic concerns and problems

Psychosomatics is on the one hand about the psyche (what happens in the head) and from the Greek word soma, what happens at the cellular level in the body.

With our logic we often do not get to the source of the evil. Only in hypnosis is there an explicit intention to communicate with the subconscious. And this can then be more or less successful.

In the case of psychosomatic complaints, more and more people use hypnosis to initiate and experience healing or optimization.

The quality of the basic feeling in connection with the body is to be explored.

Unconsciously can work:

  • Permanent influence from memory
  • self-image
  • beliefs
  • Behavioral patterns
  • And more

A living organism always wants to have freedom concerning the control of central functions. If clumsy or malicious interventions are or have been made, disturbances can occur. The body develops a pattern.

For example: What has been done to you, you now do to your body.

The basic feeling of “being-able-or-able” is not present to the extent that a harmony of spirit with the body can be lived.

People who are in rapport with their unconscious are consequently also able to influence their own destiny!

Hypnosis and also self-hypnosis is a suitable tool for this.

Psychosomatics and Hypnosis

It is important to recognize the different types of stress that cause physical symptoms.
Psychosomatic stress is unresolved trauma (usually from childhood) or burnout, bullying or pressure in everyday life, which can then trigger illness. It can also cause obsessive-compulsive disorders, which do not have an optimal effect on our body.
The best thing is to get a mental and psychological impression of what is going on inside. And you can thus recognize what triggers the disease or triggers the bad behavior. By means of trance or hypnosis, the access to unconscious processes is possible and recognizable.

In addition, we know more and more about how our body also influences our thinking. As an example via intestine our mental state and our thinking can be influenced. For example stress, which causes intestinal problems.

Psychosomatics – using hypnosis

I would be happy to help you use hypnosis for psychosomatic concerns. Please contact me.
Also, a suitable self-hypnosis seminar can also open the doors to a healthier quality of life.

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Psychosomatic – Hypnosis can help