Hypnosis against pain

Pain is a natural indicator mechanism of the body that something is wrong. Therefore, it is very important to get to the bottom of the cause of the pain. The body’s natural alarm mechanism, through pain, tells the person that something is wrong, is not at its optimum. So addressing the cause and not just the symptom (the pain) is crucial.

Pain, as mentioned above, is a signal from the body that something is wrong. To simply turn off this warning signal, which is hypnotically possible, would be like when the check engine light comes on in your car and warns you. And you just keep driving. That is, it might go well for a while. But in the long run, there is more damage than you ever imagined. Or even a devastating accident happens.

That is why it is important to have a medical examination beforehand to find out what the pain is all about.

Using hypnosis to reduce pain or make it subside

It is possible to change pain with hypnosis and also to change the feeling of pain with self-hypnosis. Together, in a trance, we get to the bottom of the cause of your pain and stimulate optimization and healing. Your inner natural resources are activated and unconsciously running processes are uncovered and optimized.

The effectiveness of psychological interventions like hypnosis is proven

Hypnosis against pain is possible and proven. Who has not cut himself and did not notice it. And then when you saw that you were bleeding, only then did the corresponding injured area start to hurt or ache. So our unconscious mind can turn pain off and on, reduce or increase it. This depending on our perception and focus. On the basis of hypnosis one has a possibility to change the perception of pain. To change the perception of pain and the focus.

Also the placebo effect is nothing else and a wonderful hypnotic example that hypnosis works. With a simple tablet consisting of nothing really effective, one can relieve pain or make it disappear completely. We also know this from childhood. For example, when you hit your hand as a small child and it hurt a lot. Immediately one runs to the mummy. She then looks at the sore hand, asks what happened. And finally she pretends to blow away or stroke away the pain by gently blowing. And indeed, oh miracle! The pain is less or completely gone and forgotten. One can go on playing again. This is also nothing else than hypnosis.

As a rule, I am not fully enthusiastic when my clients want to use hypnosis for pain. I usually advise to use hypnosis rather against the causes of pain. And then to activate more optimal inner processes and programs. This then usually has a similar or the same effect. The pain can change or stop completely and also stay away.

Getting rid of pain with hypnosis – Hypnosis pain

As you can well imagine, getting rid of pain with hypnosis is a frequently asked topic in my practice. After all, hypnosis is a good option and can well support the quality of life to improve. Especially regarding the sensation of pain. Using hypnosis or self-hypnosis to change the pain or the perception of pain is used more and more often. For some people it can be done relatively quickly, for others it takes a little longer and 2-3 hypnosis sessions. It is about putting the body in a trance state and directing the fully automatic focus on something else. Thus, the sensation of pain in that place is like changed.

Through hypnosis you actively influence your own pain perception through focus and visualization.

In the hypnotic state you are stimulated to reduce the sensation of pain, usually only on certain areas in or on the body, later on everywhere. Usually in hypnosis the healing process can then be included so that the pain will also disappear in the long term. Stimulate a healing and recover, thanks to that you can get rid of pain programmed with hypnosis, is an option which more and more people use in their lives. Initially through guided hypnosis, and later through self-hypnosis.

Regarding self-hypnosis, I offer a seminar self-hypnosis, which also includes the topic of pain relief and self-hypnosis.
Operations can of course also be performed without anesthesia or narcosis. This already existed in the ancient civilizations a thousand years ago. And this has been done successfully many times in modern times. You can find some reports, TV documentaries and also YouTube videos on the net about it. With training and an intensive and deep hypnosis behavior, you can deepen this state to change the natural pain sensation of the body or put deaf. I will be happy to support you in this process.

Hypnosis against pain I use as already mentioned usually only if the causes are known. If a doctor has given a diagnosis and has also already suggested something like a therapy method or a healing process.

Hypnosis and chronic pain

15% percent of people in Central Europe suffer from chronic pain. These are longer lasting or recurring pains, such as back pain, head and facial pain, joint and limb pain, abdominal or stomach pain, muscle pain and many more. Treating chronic pain with painkillers alone does not promise success and is no longer in line with the latest scientific knowledge.

Hypnosis is a promising successful alternative

In the case of chronic pain, we get to the bottom of the cause for the maintenance of the pain. Emotional and physical tension are often significantly involved in such pain. Stress, anxiety, blocks and worry have a reinforcing effect.
Your pain memory can be reconditioned, this has the effect of fading your memory of pain you have in situations where you usually had it.

Here’s more about chronic pain.

Usually a person’s psyche creates a disease or different types of pain. Give your psyche the opportunity to heal you again!

It is quite possible to live a pain-free life – Hypnosis pain

As mentioned earlier, pain is a sign from the body that something is wrong. One should get to the bottom of the cause and see a doctor if possible. Only then should one consider whether it makes sense to use hypnosis to change the perception of pain.

In the case of difficult health issues, I will only use hypnosis as a supportive measure and in consultation with the treating physician or therapist.

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