Hypnosis as an aid to normalization in speech disorders

Speech disorders can make life quite difficult. It is possible to find out the causes of a speech disorder with hypnosis, if you do not know them yet. However, more important than finding out the causes is to find the solution and start optimizing it as soon as possible. Speech disorders can be multifaceted. From classic stuttering to fancy speech tics and more. The range is wide.

Also the quality of life and the social interaction with other people can suffer. It can even lead to bullying. Important in connection with speech disorders is also self-confidence and self-esteem.

How can the problem be solved with the help of hypnosis?

Mentally, one can go through a kind of control of speech in the mind. That is, in small steps develop a talent and an ability to trick or transform the speech disorder or get rid of it completely. This is a process that can be stimulated. Optimal speech can be realized step by step with the right hypnosis. First in the mental, then later in reality. Because hypnosis is as said a process, which is stimulated. A process in the direction you want it to go.

Getting rid of the speech disorder with hypnosis

As we said, thanks to a skillfully chosen hypnosis and the creation of a new inner world, the disorder can weaken or even disappear completely. Mental strength, self-confidence and a linguistic dexterity can re-emerge and grow. Exciting and quick successes can be developed and stimulated with hypnosis. First step by step and then with time completely automatically, subconsciously and as a matter of course.

Speech disorders are very unpleasant for the person affected. The quality of life, but especially social behavior and interaction with other people can be inhibited or blocked by the speech disorder. Fortunately, with the help of hypnosis or self-hypnosis, you can optimize or even get rid of one or another speech disorder relatively quickly.

Contacting the unconscious with speech disorder hypnosis

The everyday active consciousness and daily thinking do not always work optimally for us. It actively produces daily: avoidance, fear, tenseness, indecision, refusal to act, inner self-talk, non-beneficial thoughts and more. That is, changing this unfavorable behavior or thinking is a helpful first step in speech disorders. Hypnosis can be used to change things. Especially things which occur unconsciously.

In hypnosis it is possible to get to the bottom of the causes, if this is desired. A contact with the unconscious part in you can help to get to the bottom of why and thus the solution. Occasionally, in a skillful hypnosis, simply the solution is enough: to stimulate the optimal speech and invite it to unfold more and more.

One way can be: Talking in a trance with this unfavorable behavior in you. To contact it. No matter on which level. And then to find out: What then is the reason or benefit for it existing. And especially that it exists in you and not in someone else. And then gradually find out if it is something old that is basically no longer needed. And possibly simply became an unhealthy habit.

Speech disorder, something unconscious?

You may have heard or read that in hypnosis or self-hypnosis the conscious part is not as active as in waking consciousness. Therefore, in the hypnotic state (in a trance) one is much more receptive to changes and optimizations. Of course, this also applies to speech disorders. You can also activate the access to your resources, inner talents and to your inner strengths in hypnosis. And then integrate these positive elements step by step into your daily life. This may be more difficult to do with conventional language training in waking consciousness. Since our conscious mind often blocks us. Therefore, first get rid of, change or harmonize the speech disorder in the trance. Thus a new reality is created, which your conscious mind then accepts and takes over. And slowly lets it flow into your everyday speech behavior. Your new speech behavior, which is now harmonious and optimal for you, can now become more and more familiar to you and a new optimal speech behavior belongs to you from now on.

Similar to learning foreign languages. Who doesn’t remember taking the first steps in another language, such as French or English, as a child or teenager? Today, or over time, this then became routine. A kind of self-confidence and self-assurance developed. Even if you don’t pronounce something quite right in the foreign language. And it is certainly easier for you today to use the corresponding foreign language. It is similar with speech disorders or tics. In the mental world you imagine how it should be. How you talk, react, etc. That is, how your optimal speech or fluency or intonation should be. Then it comes to the transition from the mental world to reality. Self-confidence and confidence can emerge.

Use hypnosis for speech disorders – reduce speech inhibitions with hypnosis

More people have speech inhibitions than you think. Not only children but also many adults. As mentioned above, it can often lead to so-called speech inhibitions in foreign languages, but also otherwise. I finally had a client with such a concern in my hypnosis practice in Zurich. He was a foreigner, but knew German quite well. He explained to me that he often did not dare to speak. That he also felt inferior. He felt inferior because of his poor German and bad pronunciation. Also in business he had more ideas and inputs than he was actually able to convey. His self-assurance and self-confidence suffered and eventually his career. The feeling of inferiority spread through him and eventually affected his entire quality of life and psyche.

Fortunately, we were able to get rid of these inhibitions relatively quickly and skillfully. First in a short coaching conversation and then also on a deeper level thanks to hypnosis. He felt like a changed man after the hypnosis session. And was able to maintain this positive feeling of confidence in his speech and in himself. He was happy to finally live his true talents and abilities and to be able to express what he had to say. And above all, to strengthen his social and professional environment again, because now there were no more inhibitions.

Using speech disorder hypnosis to counteract speech disorders is certainly an option that you should definitely consider and use

If you have been suffering from a speech disorder for a long time, hypnosis can bring you the solution you have always wanted.

Give it a try.

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Fix speech disorders with hypnosis