Hypnosis and sports

You are a passionate athlete and wish to excel in your sport?

It is impossible to imagine the world of sports without sports hypnosis. It is a valuable and recognized tool in sports, even in top and professional sports. Techniques of mental training and hypnosis are nowadays available for everyone. Skillfully applied, the change is clearly noticeable – even measurable. Sport optimization as in trance allows new results. Self-hypnosis is also easy to learn and can be used at any time to support your sporting performance. It is probably clear to everyone and everyone knows in sports that the mental factor plays a decisive role. The one who believes to win or to be good, has the higher chance to realize this on the sports field. However, with sports hypnosis as an ally, you can go one step further than just believing or thinking you are good. It is quite possible to prepare yourself mentally and in trance for a sporting event in such a way that absolute best performances can be achieved on that day or at a certain time. Extraordinary performances are possible in the future and can be called up directly. Intuitively moving or behaving correctly is also increasingly possible.

For hypnosis the nature of the sport is not important

For the optimal mental and correct hypnotic exercises and instructions the kind of sport plays however already a role. It is a big difference if you use hypnosis for an endurance sport like a marathon, triathlon or similar for example. Or if you use it for a focus and concentration sport such as archery and the like. Also for team sports like football, handball, volleyball or field hockey you can use hypnosis successfully. It can be used individually to improve your performance, perception, intuition, focus, skill, agility, etc. or for the whole team.

However, the most common use of mental training and hypnosis is in individual sports, which take place over a long period of time: Tennis, golf, athletics, skiing and snowboarding, curling and the like.

You already know that sports hypnosis can benefit you

Didn’t you sometimes have the feeling or someone told you that you are better than the result you achieved in your sport. Emotionally or in your mind’s eye you certainly prepared yourself mentally and thought you had done everything right. And yet, at the decisive moment, the focus or the performance you wanted was not there. Possibly you also lacked the lightness or the necessary will to persevere or fighting spirit. All mental and inner elements in you, which run unconsciously and which you can skillfully optimize through hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Solving unconscious and conscious blockages with hypnosis can be a solution for you, so that you can realize better athletic performances on demand in the future. You can also put aside inner unconscious or conscious fears or mental hurdles relatively quickly with hypnosis. Thus the new successes are open. Visualizing like the pros and the right inner metaphor can be the decisive factor on your path of success.

Improve sports with hypnosis

Sooner or later, every athlete basically uses one or another mental trick to optimize his performance. To strengthen his will to fight or to keep his focus and energy at a high level. How about integrating these mental tricks, resources and strengths fully automatically into your subconscious. Allow yourself to invest some of your energy and time into the mental part in your sport to develop a new ease and creativity with hypnosis. To ultimately be more successful in your sport than ever before.

It is proven for most sports that 70% is decided in the mind. 25 % the physical condition plays a role and 5 % the technique decides. And yet, 99% of all amateur athletes work 100% on these 5%.

Use sports hypnosis

It is important to learn more effective mental training. Learn the types of mental training and find out how and why it works. Further find out why hypnosis and self-hypnosis will get you further in sports. Release conscious and unconscious blocks. Overcome fears. Use intentional trance at the right moments like the pros. Be on call in the “peak state.” Having the right inner metaphor for you in sports also gives you wings.

Sport Hypnosis

Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist coined the phrase in his research that it is not the strongest that survives, but the fittest.
In sports it is no different. The one who is mentally the fittest, i.e. has the most flexibility, focus, endurance and variation, has it easier and can implement and master his sport more successfully than many others. Showing flexibility, mastering emotions, finding the right focus and holding it at the right moment and more, are the key. All this is easier, more effective and faster possible with the right hypnosis or self-hypnosis. Give it a try.

Sport Hypnosis Seminars

Increasingly I am also booked for sports seminars. Just this summer a youth camp of tennis junior players from the canton of Zurich took place in Klosters. Our future tennis elite! Teaching the 14 to 16 year old already very good tennis players one or the other mental trick was a complete success. And then to teach the effect of hypnosis on the own tennis game, probably brought one or the other player to a next higher level.

Also in golf the mental factor and the hypnotic factor can hardly be denied. Here, too, I regularly offer golf mental and golf hypnosis trainings on request. In addition, I have written a book about golf and self-hypnosis. You can find more information about this on this link.

But whether you are a golfer, tennis player, snowboarder or whatever; the fact is that more and more athletes are using hypnosis. So your first step is to find me at my hypnosis practice and come in for a sports hypnosis session.

Not only professional athletes, but also more and more amateur and everyday athletes are enjoying the new successes that are possible through the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Are you a professional athlete and do you wish to take a big step mentally?

Sport hypnosis can possibly enable you to take this desired developmental step

Already Einstein said: The imagination is more important than knowledge. And imagination, also called imagination, we use very much in hypnosis.

By the way, here is more info about: The Sport Hypnosis Golf Seminar – in German

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