Anorexia (emaciation) is an eating disorder

Most anorexics live in constant fear of being fat or becoming fat. Even if they are already completely emaciated. Those affected are often girls or young women. I am asked again and again: Can hypnosis help with anorexia? Well hypnosis deals exactly with such inner processes and unconscious inner programs that affect us. Hypnosis can be used to initiate changes. Maybe a hypnosis coaching or one or more anorexia hypnosis sessions is exactly the piece of the puzzle that you are now missing to initiate the change and an optimization of your life.

There are sufferers who lose weight because of fears, inner conflicts or conscious or unconscious inner beliefs. These cause the anorexia or progressive emaciation. Not infrequently, this happens because of unconscious inner thoughts, processes or habits. It is therefore a good idea to tackle the problem on an unconscious level as well: With hypnosis, for example.

The problem with anorexia

After a prolonged loss of appetite or craving for food, the feeling of hunger diminishes. Depending on this, severe physical damage can follow. Such as nutrient deficiency and breakdown of body tissues, protein and energy deficiency, severe emaciation.

A deficiency of vital nutrients occurs, yet people continue to become more and more emaciated and this can lead to complications, even life-threatening conditions. Despite therapies, one third of anorexics remain chronically ill and as many as 10% starve themselves to death.

Especially among women, the social obligation to be thin is propagated. Supported by advertising, television, internet, YouTube, cinema and of course social and societal pressure. Popularity, just like success, means in a captious way: to be thin.

This does not have to be

The causes of the disorder anorexia:

  • Mental conflicts.
  • Psychological problems.
  • Blockages, anger, shame, sadness.
  • Programming from one’s own social environment
  • Programming by media and internet
  • Beauty ideals
  • Advertising emphasizes in all facets and colors: Thin good – Thick bad.

Direct short-term consequences can be

  • A strong loss of control of the eating behavior takes place.
  • Being split off from the events
  • Being disconnected from the current situation and the actual momentary personal low.

Characteristics of a typical anorexia

  • Self-perception is disturbed (thin person finds him/herself overweight)
  • Massive fasting
  • Inappropriate measures to control body weight
  • Taking laxatives after eating, also forced vomiting or excessive exercise

What does anorexia hypnosis help

Depression, anxiety disorders or low self-esteem often accompany anorexia. Hypnosis therapy can help precisely at these points skillfully and successfully and accordingly! It helps to bring one’s own perception back into balance. Also the feeling for oneself. Hypnosis can also support you in getting back into normal healthy eating habits. Furthermore, inner conflicts, fears or blockages can be recognized and reduced. This usually happens on an unconscious level.

Hypnosis has been very successful with all kinds of eating disorders

Especially with anorexia, because hypnosis finds a deeper access to your subconscious than other forms of therapy. It helps to uncover and process the problem. Targeted reappraisal and solution approaches are possible. Accordingly, it is possible to achieve quick initial results. And later, step by step, to build on this and to re-acquire a vital and healthy eating behavior. Finally, to strengthen one’s own perception and self-confidence on a realistic and healthy level.

For a successful and sustainable treatment it is important to discover the cause of the psychological problems. And then to work through them. Mostly these causes lie on a deeper level, i.e. in the subconscious. The affected person is often not aware of these causes. However, they can be quickly identified and addressed with the help of skillful anorexia hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy techniques can bring about:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Relief of soul and organism
  • Gentle promotion of reorientation
  • Harmonious influence on compulsive actions
  • Prevention of compulsive actions and thoughts
  • Reactivation of unconscious physical self-healing powers
  • Promotion of recovery
  • Stimulation of the immune system, vegetative functions and metabolism

Greater conscious control of unconscious behavior is achieved hypnotically through dissociation. This helps and thus supports future eating behavior to be re-conditioned. The unhealthy behavior changes, on the other hand a healthy and harmonious balance is created.

Anorexia hypnosis – a case study

A lady came to my practice in Zurich. With just this obvious problem: emaciated face and body. She told me that she had already been to the hospital once and that she had been in treatment for months and that nothing had really helped her so far. Clearly she was making small steps towards optimization. She just wanted to test this with hypnosis now. I explained to her what hypnosis is and what it is not. Of course, I did not give her any tips regarding eating behavior, but wanted to approach the problem differently. I also did not want to do an analysis of the past. No. We approached the problem directly on a different level than before. Hypnotically subconsciously. Because she knew very well what was going on with her. The other therapists had probably gone over this with her often enough and long enough.

We looked at what it really was, why she had this problem and others did not. That is, we wanted to find out what was going on with her on a subconscious level. Among other things, we found out that it was a strange force. She described it as a kind of hand that prevented her from eating normally. So we dealt with the real problem by means of a light trance, as I said, on an unconscious level. She said that if it were not for this unpleasant energy or power (this hand), she would be able to eat normally. Step by step we approached this energy and were able to stimulate steps of change already in the first session.

A few days later she came for a second session. She had decided to continue with hypnosis. She felt that she had taken more steps towards improvement in these few days than in all the weeks and months before. Her husband also supported her to continue with hypnosis, because he also found his partner again with new life energy.

Learn self-hypnosis

What I also always recommend is to pay attention to how you treat yourself. By that I mean: How do I think. How do I talk to my inner voice or thoughts with me and how can I get more control over my thoughts and feelings. How do I deal with challenges and more. Self and inner feeling and problem management. One of the best tools for this is self-hypnosis. You can find some good tips and tricks about this on the internet. Also I have collected all the tools of self-hypnosis and self-coaching and put them together in a very valuable and effective one day seminar. Here more info about the self-hypnosis seminar.

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