Stage fright and public speaking fears

Clearly, stage fright situations can be kept to a minimum. Everyone is caught up with this challenge in one form or another at some point in their life. Be it

  • A public appearance
  • Giving a speech
  • Presenting something
  • An exam
  • Introducing yourself to a group

Whether at professional events or at family gatherings or entertainment events, surprising or planned. Everyone knows the moment when it’s your turn. Now comes your presentation. Now it’s your turn to talk, to present, etc. Regardless of whether you are well prepared or have a spontaneous appearance in a small group or in public, most people feel uneasy. Also called stage fright. Performance or speech anxiety, or even the fear of the so-called ‘Public Speaking’. All this does not have to be. Hypnosis can help you to get rid of them. Inner fully automatic processes of fear and inner programs can be modified and reprogrammed. This on an unconscious level. And this is where hypnosis is ideal, because hypnosis and self-hypnosis can contact the or your unconscious level and also act on it.

I myself suffered very severely from public speaking anxiety as a teenager and young adult. If someone had told me then that today I even give seminars and regularly have successful appearances or presentations, I probably would not have believed it. However, the fact is that I know the feeling of stage fright and public speaking anxiety all too well from before: Heartbeat up to the neck, sweaty palms, a thousand thoughts at the same time or even not a single thought, that is, an unexpected emptiness in the moments when it would be so important, speech blocks and more.

How would it be for you to feel and radiate serenity instead of stress in such situations?

Use hypnosis and mental tricks to get rid of that annoying stage fright for good. I am not saying that a healthy tension and expectation should be completely absent. On the contrary, a little tension can help maintain focus and energy.

As mentioned earlier, I myself am the best example that hypnosis can effectively help with stage fright and speech anxiety. There is this fear that rises high, this shaky voice, heartbeat up to the neck, sweating, loss of voice, confused thoughts even loss of memory of what I should or wanted to say and much more. And most of all the inner voice and inner circling thoughts of panic: What if I forget everything, the wrong words come, fail ….

Already in school, being sent to the blackboard by the teacher to show something to the class or to give a lecture or to have to recite poems were paralyzing, stifling and anathema and horror for me. Although I was usually well prepared and I knew the material well at home. Public speaking was a “no go” for me.

Fortunately, I learned about mental training, NLP and especially hypnosis us self-hypnosis, which helped me.

Hypnosis can change unconscious processes

Today I know that with regard to my stage fright and my fear of giving a speech, there were unconscious, fully automatic processes, so-called conditionings in me, which triggered my uneasy feeling in these situations. That is, unconscious inner programs were running, to which I was at the mercy. The cause and where these fears and blockades came from, I don’t know exactly anymore. Possibly from my early school days. At that time I thought that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing you can do about it. And certainly not quickly. However, I was wrong at that time.

I learned various mental tricks and finally also hypnosis. I knew and I quickly understood that if I can get rid of stage fright, I will have more success in society and especially in the professional business world. To be able to present yourself or something or to be able to sell yourself is essential and the be-all and end-all nowadays. I had to and wanted to tackle the problem and therefore got involved in hypnosis. That was back in the 90s. And I succeeded. Today I hold valuable seminars and can even present successfully and effectively in front of an audience. I have retained a healthy, motivating nervousness and excitement at big events in order to maintain focus and the necessary energy.

You too can use hypnosis for stage fright

Use hypnosis to get rid of this unnecessary stage fright, unconscious nervousness or blackouts once and for all.

With hypnosis you reach an unconscious level within you. This means that you actively intervene where these unfavorable processes and programming have their origin and effect: in the unconscious. Imagine what it would be like in the future to simply feel calmness instead of stress in these situations. Where there used to be discomfort, you now feel an inner self-assurance, harmony and focus on the essential. Imagine further that this stage fright can no longer manifest itself in you. That it can no longer take place to the extent that you know it. A new energy in you, a new experience in you awakens and manifests itself. Imagine how it would feel to be confident with calm breathing and calm thoughts in the moments where you used to be ticked off.

New neural processes in your brain, allow yourself to implement new strategies in your body. That is, new strategies of succeeding in calmness and serenity. Confident and focused. Consequently, you have new automatic processes in you regarding public appearances or public speaking. Inner and outer successes set in. Motivation and clarity instead of stress bubble up into your body. A new behavior pattern, which you can internalize relatively quickly thanks to hypnosis, manifests itself.

Get rid of stage fright hypnotically

Already after one session, decisive inner processes can be optimized, which make your stage fright disappear. For me, too, one hypnosis session with a professional was enough. In hypnosis we used the imagination and the associated feelings and inner processes. Fortunately, a hypnosis coaching or a hypnosis session works quickly and effectively, possibly already at your next appearance or presentation.

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Stage fright, speech anxiety and performance anxiety
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