Do you know it too? – Sadness

You feel sad; sad for no reason. And your sadness just won’t go away.

Normally, the feeling of sadness goes away by itself, the further the triggering event or experience moves away into the past. However, hypnosis can support you in overcoming sadness.

The sadness in us humans is something quite natural. However, some people do not manage to get out of the sadness spiral. Over time, this affects other areas of life. It can lead to worse feelings than just this sadness and eventually lead to illness. Depression can also manifest.

Get help early – through hypnosis.

There are ways with hypnosis or hypnotherapy to get to the bottom of the causes. Not only the causes, because much more important are the solutions. How can I arrange to feel or have less of that sadness in me. And bring more of the happy life energy or joy of life into my life.

Especially in the psyche one wants to be able to act. Most people lack the tools for this, that is, the tools. With hypnosis you are no longer at the mercy of your mind as you were before. You can directly influence your psyche and your state of mind. Better yet, you can even start a fully automatic process within yourself, which intuitively allows you to experience more joy and happiness in life. It then becomes as normal for you as the movements you make when brushing your teeth every day. It happens unconsciously and you do it just like that, fully automatic without thinking about it. And this is exactly how you can internally acquire unconscious programs, which then lead the new, more valuable life experience to your intuitively correct behavior and feelings.

How hypnosis can help with sadness

Inner feelings are playing out. Also inner images and unpleasant thoughts. These then have an effect on you. Usually a cycle develops. You know and feel that you are not well, but you cannot get out of it by yourself.

After a short conversation, the first thing I do in a trance is to help you strengthen your resources again. That means to activate your inner powers again. A new feeling of not always being helplessly at the mercy of others arises and establishes itself.

A new cycle of feeling good can be created in you through hypnosis. This cycle is stronger than the old one. In a light trance or even in hypnosis, the feelings and inner resources that you previously desired are then strengthened again. This on an unconscious level. This means that you do not have to actively think in everyday life: oh, how does that work, what do I have to think now in order to… No, it is a new, fully automatic feeling of well-being in you. Possibly also a feeling of inner security/self-assurance, focus and verve. Step by step this new development is allowed to grow and become a new feeling of life that is natural for you.

You may know one or two people who, after a phase of sadness, have manifested a new attitude towards life in themselves and are now a different, more positive person than they were then. This is also possible for you and nothing else takes place in hypnosis. An increase in the attitude towards life. And a more optimal way of dealing with problems, strokes of fate or the past you will succeed more and more often and as a matter of course.

Self-hypnosis could also be interesting for you.

Definition of sadness

Wikipedia says that sadness is an emotion that is usually based on a fateful event. In addition, it can contain a deep consternation. From time to time it is also a kind of painful feeling of the present situation.

Sadness can affect the joy of life so much that even a life crisis can occur. Combined with lack of drive, psychosomatic complaints, illness or exhaustion.

Causes of sadness

The causes of sadness can be varied and therefore have many causes:

  • the death of a loved one
  • lovesickness
  • the missing of a close person
  • a serious illness of oneself or a close person
  • rejection in the social environment
  • longing, lack of success
  • And more

As already said, it is the case that phases of sadness are part of our normal and healthy life. These phases are of course not to be evaluated as pathological. Rather, they are to be regarded as an ability, so that you can deal with something mentally and develop yourself.

If a person then seems to be sad for a long time for no reason, it is time to react. To eventually avoid pathological additional consequences or serious mental disorders. Also, I recommend that you see a doctor if the feeling of sadness and dejection lasts longer than normal. Because the sadness can be the or a symptom of other underlying diseases (for example, cardiovascular disease, blood diseases or multiple sclerosis, etc.).

At the same time it is so that the hypnosis on the subject of sadness can provide good services

Because it can also reach the mental levels of the subconscious and stimulate the desired changes there. Or get to the bottom of possibly non-obvious causes.

Signs/consequences of long-lasting sadness

  • dejection
  • depression
  • low self-esteem
  • sleep disturbances
  • attention disorders
  • social withdrawal
  • heart problems
  • circulatory problems
  • loss of appetite
  • altered hormone balance
  • infectious diseases
  • And some other physical disorders or diseases

If someone is depressed and sad for a long time and cannot overcome this emotion by himself, it is really advisable to get help.

Whether the cause of the sadness is known or not is not important in hypnotic help.

It is about regaining to feel

  • joy of life
  • enthusiasm
  • adventurousness
  • curiosity
  • thirst for action
  • Happiness in life
  • freedom
  • lightness
  • and more

And this fully automatically. And moreover, to make this your natural state.

What would that be like for you. How would that feel. What energies would you feel inside you… And what thoughts would you have in such a strong, fulfilling state….

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Sadness hypnosis can help