Help children with hypnosis

Children are unique. Hypnosis is just made for children and adolescents, because changes are implemented particularly quickly, effectively and playfully. Every day more and more people choose hypnosis coaching for their children.

Hypnosis or hypno-coaching are therefore ideal for

  • Difficulties in learning
  • Catching up/compensating for difficult social circumstances
  • Developmental delays
  • Overcoming excessive alertness
  • Overcoming excessive shyness
  • Overcoming challenges by oneself
  • Lack of motivation
  • Well-being at school
  • Social behavior
  • Overcoming fears
  • Discipline in homework
  • Pursuing one’s own talents and gifts

And many other wishes and concerns from you as parents. And also the individual needs of your child or teenager in the private and school area can be optimized with one or the other hypnosis session.

A big topic and always in demand: children and school. A skillful children hypnosis can help and support.

Children between 5-9 years

Children between 5-9 years start to live their own personality more and more and to develop it. This is because they want to be recognized as an important member of the community (family, school, circle of friends, etc.) with their contribution and actively help to shape everyday life. Their inner fantasy world, which supports them especially during play, is already a first kind of hypnosis or trance. In this process, values, self-confidence, confidence, their personality and but also doubts emerge. An insertion into social customs and society takes place. First in the mental world of the children and then step by step finding their footing in their environment.

Children and adolescents between 12 -18 years

The education phase from 12 to 18 then often presents parents with new and further challenges: Stupid sayings, first cigarette and alcohol consumption, sex, parties, as well as education are usually an issue. Here, too, things can get out of hand. A skillful coaching or even a suitable hypnosis can be shown what is going overboard and steered back in a healthy, normal direction.

Helping children thanks to hypnosis

Children are by nature more active in trance or the mental world than we adults. This is because they are at the age when they learn so much and experience new things. Later in adult life, this decreases and our brains and minds are more firmly entrenched regarding beliefs and convictions. Unlike adult hypnosis, children and adolescents are more quickly in a hypnotic state and ready for change than adults. The access to the subconscious part of us is relatively fast open and the hypnosis is like a new experience, which offers new solutions. Usually a cleverly told story is enough to initiate changes. A new access to one’s own thoughts and feelings is shown and also how to manage them. And then, in the long term, successes or new habits and optimal behavior can be integrated.

Children hypnosis, how does it work?

You come with your child or adolescent to my practice and you or your child describe to me the current state. And finally also the desired situation.

We can then stimulate the optimal use of talents and abilities. As well as the skillful handling of limitations, stress and bad things. Also blockades or fears can be eliminated step by step hypnotically.

In a coaching conversation, a trance or even a hypnotic state, new ingenious solutions and ways can be available for your child. By means of stories or metaphors, but also with the direct application of hypnosis itself, changes and optimizations are stimulated.

Especially for students with problems or unfavorable behavior patterns, hypnosis can open the door to new, more optimal social or school behavior. A new quality in dealing with certain things arises and access to inner resources that did not exist before. Be it learning blockades, fears or lack of motivation, a multitude of things can be optimized by means of a suitable trance.

Hypnosis for adolescents and teenagers

It is now really the case that more and more often young people come to see me. This is because they seem to know or feel that hypnosis is a modern tool that can help relatively quickly and easily. And this without side effects or dependence on medicine or therapists. It is exciting that the number of my young clients is steadily increasing. Using hypnosis with young people makes perfect sense. This is because they are open to new methods of learning and change. This can be a very successful first step to incorporate the desired changes into their own lives as quickly and effectively as possible. Also, young people often recognize the connections of how and why hypnosis works. Not infrequently, they then use the experienced hypnosis for other of their very personal concerns. Which is quite important at this young age. Because having a tool more than others to deal with stress or emotions and feelings can already improve the quality of life by quite a bit. And many teenagers recognize this and use it.

Young people and teenagers usually understand faster than adults how hypnosis and self-hypnosis work.

Therefore, they can eventually use the elements of hypnosis relatively quickly to achieve the desired goals. Also their own imagination, which is still well developed in most children, teenagers and young adults, supports them very much in this. In young people, as I said, the imagination is still very active anyway. In hypnosis, one uses inner images, feelings and experiences from one’s own imagination. That is, imagination is an important point that hypnosis can work. A skillful weaving together of feelings, thoughts, inner patterns and what one wants in life can move them forward faster and change them to the optimal than you think.

In the end, everything we think is self-hypnosis. However, more and more young people ask me, how does it work with self-hypnosis and what can it do. With small directly applicable exercises, which I also show in my self-hypnosis seminar for adults, children and adolescents quickly find access to hypnosis and especially to self-hypnosis and solutions in their lives. They also realize: if I can do this self-hypnosis exercise so quickly, what do I need to do, feel or think to bring one thing or another into my life….

Hypnosis can help

The issues around which hypnosis should and can help are many and varied. From exam nerves (apprenticeship/graduation) to planning for the future, but also sports optimization and inner peace and dealing with stress can be topics. From time to time, habit changes, language problems, motivation or health issues are also the reason to use hypnosis with children and adolescents.

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