Using hypnosis to have more self-confidence

In different areas of life, problems with self-confidence and self-esteem can be blocking. Yes even block possibilities in life. Using hypnosis to build, optimize and strengthen self-confidence is a choice that more and more people are using.
Give yourself a gift. Use a hypnosis session or hypnosis coaching to have more self-confidence and build more self-esteem.

Hypnosis coaching can boost your self-confidence tremendously. Increase your sense and perception of your self-worth and therefore your self-confidence. Your charisma and recognition towards the environment and towards yourself will grow. Be worth it to yourself!

Self-confident appearance – Radiating positive resonance – Presenting yourself successfully – Strengthening your inner feeling – Recognition through your own resonance are crucial.

Hypnosis and self-confidence; facts and causes:

For many people, self-confidence and self-esteem are a big and important issue. This is because their assets, strengths, talents and abilities are not perceived by the environment or not as desired. There is also a feeling of inner insecurity. This can be very disturbing. For example, in the job, in the partnership, in social contacts, in public appearance, also in persuasion or in sales, in sports and much more.

The origin of the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem or even self-love can be many-sided. Often caused by upbringing, programming in youth or childhood. But also by the expectations of the social environment or other bad experiences in the past. Wrong, blocking inner processes/programs arise, which rob you of the appropriate energy and work against your optimal development. Self-confidence is missing. Thus, a false reality of your real self-image is created. Inner demotivating voices and thoughts reinforce these unfavorable inner processes on a daily basis. Be sure to take action! Because the good thing is, you can get to the bottom of it all and make changes. Building self-confidence with hypnosis is possible.

Become more self-confident through hypnosis

How would it be for you if your self-confidence and self-assurance grow in such a way that new possibilities, new doors open for you in your life and that only because of your new more effective, self-confident appearance. A new feeling of inner peace and serenity and strength is present in those moments where you did not have it before. You will be amazed at what a natural confident manner can change in your everyday appearance. A new inner confident feeling is reinforced. Intuitively, you will perceive more self-confidence and act accordingly with more confidence, focus and strength.

Creating the right resonance through self-confidence hypnosis

In life, everything is resonance. Is your current resonance in alignment with your true talents, abilities and dreams?
Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can do something or think you can’t, you’re always right.” Your self-assessment, your self-love, and most importantly, your self-confidence are critical to your future, your success, your resonance. Therefore, strengthen them now.

Use hypnosis intuitively

More and more often people come to my practice with the concern that they have too little self-confidence. Also the self-confident appearance in the work environment is often an issue. And this with people who you would never expect it. Be it in the business world with heads of departments, leaders of entire banks or large companies or otherwise very successful people in the arts or in sports.

With a few hypnosis sessions, a new inner perception can be established. A new stronger, more optimal feeling spreads. Especially in the situations in which you want it. This then leads to more inner security, strong self-confidence spreads.

Self-confidence hypnosis with me

I myself had a problem with self-confidence when I was still in high school. Self-confidence in school, such as speaking in front of the class, presenting something or giving a paper, was hardly possible for me. And it felt like hell. Inner doubts, fears, shaky voice and more were the result. This then dragged on later in my professional life. And it was not helpful with a shaky voice or many circling, doubting thoughts at job interviews or in meetings to represent one’s point of view. Or even in the partnership, in the social environment, in sports and more, it was no fun to appear without self-confidence.

Fortunately, I learned early through seminars the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Thanks to these versatile and fast-acting tools, I was able to appear more confident, self-assured and focused relatively quickly. Both in my professional career and in my dealings with people, things went better for me from then on. My resonance of being confident and self-assured became stronger and is now so solidified that it is no longer an issue for me. And because I know how it feels, I am better able to help people regain and grow their self-confidence through hypnosis today.

Self-confidence hypnosis with others

There was this lady in my office who lost her beloved job because of the Corona crisis. Her self-confidence and confidence were at the bottom. With a few hypnosis sessions she was able to regain her self-confidence. So effectively that she got a new job within a short period of time. This was with a leading global company in Switzerland. She really blossomed. Later she came to me for stress management hypnosis and told me that after only a few months she had been promoted and was now leading an entire global team. Confident and happier than in her job, which she had lost before. Being a role model and leading a whole department, with great responsibility and several employees to lead and guide, she masters her life. Also privately. Thanks to hypnosis she was able to initiate and thus complete the decisive steps and this is her natural state today: self-confident and full of self-assurance. Fully automatic and intuitive.

I will be happy to help you by means of hypnosis to take the decisive step to move forward.

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