Treat neurodermatitis with hypnosis

Neurodermatitis is a non-contagious, chronic skin disease. There is a disturbed function of the skin barrier. The skin disease neurodermatitis occurs more and more frequently. 5-20% in children and 1-3% in adults. Studies have shown that hypnosis has led to a significant improvement in the condition of the skin and the psyche of neurodermatitis patients. The psychological component is crucial in the treatment.

Hypnosis can treat the cause of the disease, namely nerve irritation

It is often the case that after the dermatological treatment there is success, the patient becomes or is healthy. However, some time later the neurodermatitis flares up again. Therefore it is important to fight the cause and not only the symptoms. If a control lamp lights up in your car, you don’t just unscrew it, but you get to the bottom of the cause.
Our immune system can go crazy and attack our own cells.

For example, agonizing itching, scratching attacks, dry skin, impaired appearance, social demarcation, higher susceptibility to diseases caused by fungi or bacteria are some of the typical sufferings of an affected person. Also with the consequences of irritability and concentration disorders.

The importance of hypnosis in the treatment of neurodermatitis is high

A nerve irritation causes the inflammatory reaction of the skin. The skin nervous system is also connected with our central nervous system. Our skin is one of the largest organs we humans have. You may have also noticed that the intensity of your skin condition depends on your psychological well-being. That is, in case of stress, restlessness and overtiredness, the condition of the skin worsens in patients. Find the trigger. By treating the central nervous system with hypnotherapy, skin nerves are treated at the same time. Counteracting, attenuation and treatment at the cellular level are possible. In a deep trance cellular processes can take place and stress hormones are reduced. Our immune system and the psyche are connected. The immune system can begin to work effectively again. The uncovering of emotional conflicts and their processing are in the foreground. Also a less frequent and less severe, even a complete disappearance of neurodermatitis. Long-lasting and self-regulating.

An improvement of your skin is a direct sign that your stress level and inner conflicts are back in harmony with your body.

Use hypnosis. A successful way.

The achievement of a good permanently strong mental state is stimulated. You regain control over your skin condition and are no longer at the mercy of it.

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Skin diseases – neurodermatitis hypnosis can relieve and help