For many people, the cause of their current less than optimal quality of life lies in their past

There are people who have received strong emotional scars and wounds from past experiences. These can be unconscious wounds and mental scars. But also consciously perceived ones. Also those which do not heal or continue to burden you on a daily basis. Thanks to hypnosis, you can weaken the effect of the past. Or even turn it off completely. This does not mean that you erase the past from your memory. Quite the contrary. But one can change the emotions or pain associated with it. Dealing with the past can take place on both a psychological and physical level through a suitable hypnosis session. By this I mean that both mental healing and physical healing can be initiated relatively quickly.

Think of it like a computer that starts up many old programs in the background. Programs that you don’t consciously see or notice and don’t need anymore. It slows down the computer and burdens it in such a way that eventually the more important and daily used programs can no longer run optimally. This is because there is simply too much unconscious background activity going on. Fears, blockades, unfavorable behavior patterns and more can be this with us humans. In order for you to live a better quality of life again, it can be quite useful to deal with the past and clean up one or the other past.

Dealing with your past through hypnosis

These old inner processes can be metaphorically speaking de-activated or their number reduced. They will always remain and will not be erased, but their effects will. That is, as already said, you will always remember what you have experienced, but it is not necessary to do this with such strong mostly unpleasant feelings. You can set the activity of these processes and programs to zero through skillful hypnosis. Thus, in the future, they will no longer reduce the performance of the important daily actively running programs in you. A past life overcoming takes place. Therefore, with people it is not so much different than with computers.

I myself have used hypnosis techniques to emotionally address my own past experiences and events. This, so that I could call again more ease into my life, which I had suffered by strokes of fate and the like. And above all, so that I can have more energy, quality of life, focus and ease in life again.

Suffering because of the past – Dealing with the past

The reasons that one still suffers from past experiences or has blockades are versatile. Be it caused by loss of very valuable people or wrong decisions. Also disappointed expectations or by strong experiences, which were caused both by us and by others to us. Hypnosis can help to overcome this past. This in a relatively gentle and harmonious way.

Hypnosis can also help you with unpleasant past experiences.

Let’s say you had experienced a strong blow of fate or an assault of some kind on you in the past. For you, this moment may still be as present and emotional as if you had recently experienced it. You may even have a phobic reaction to it. Or anxiety or insomnia may be interfering with your optimal quality of life because of it. It can go so far as to even have health consequences. This does not have to be the case.

Hypnosis can be used to invalidate what you have experienced. You will still be able to remember it, but the experience will be put further and further into the background. It is invalidated. Your emotional world can be brought back into balance. Frightening inner images of the experience can fade and give way. They will no longer be able to affect you in the same way. This is an unconscious process, which thanks to hypnosis can take place in your inner world. And it will happen the way you want it to. With hypnosis a new inner reality is created. A reality in which, despite or with what you have experienced, you can regain a quality of life that is worth living. Also abilities, talents, ideas and energy have now again room to unfold.

A harmonization thanks to a suitable hypnosis can take place

After the past has been invalidated, a new energy can re-emerge within you through the hypnotic experience of what you really want. That which you desire can now unfold. That is, an optimization or improvement. By weakening the emotional attachment to the past, a harmonization can take place in your life. In fact, the harmonization that gives you back a new quality of life. You can now allow yourself to clean up the past and set new goals in your life. Old blockages or fears no longer slow you down. Your sleep quality can improve again. Your energy levels can be optimized again relatively quickly. This is a process which is initiated and implemented through one or more hypnosis sessions.

Dealing with the past by means of past lives

In Buddhism and Hinduism a very common thought and even a whole teaching: that there were past lives and that these past lives still affect us today.

This is such an exciting topic that I have designed a separate 1 day seminar for it. This seminar takes place several times a year. If you are interested, you can learn more about it here: Retrospection Seminar.

This is about dealing with past lives. Here, too, a kind of coming to terms with the past takes place. It is basically not important whether you believe that you existed in past lives or not. Some people are convinced that they are carrying around past fields and energies from past lives and that they have to live them out in their present lives. It can be fears, blockages and the like, which burden you. But also talents and abilities that still influence you today and even drive and encourage you. Since more and more people are interested in this, I have just designed the above mentioned seminar about it.

Schmidt Hypnose Vergangenheitsbewältigung mit Hypnose
Dealing with the past with hypnosis