Optimize self-esteem with hypnosis

One’s own self-worth or self-esteem is a decisive factor regarding our resonance and effect towards others and society. But also especially towards ourselves and our own inner feelings it is important to deal with self-esteem. It is one of our most important feelings to ensure a fulfilling quality of life. Most people have learned not to show their true inner self-esteem in public or to cleverly muddle through. However, those who have their self-esteem in balance can often experience a better quality of life than others. It makes sense to optimize your self-esteem with the right trance or hypnosis.

Self-esteem is usually formed and developed over years, or not

And already in childhood one or the other experience arises, which affects our self-esteem. Reinforced by dealing with certain people who want to affect your self-esteem unfavorably, influence or keep it small. Even the so-called “social media” influence can unhappily affect your self-worth. It doesn’t have to.

More and more of my clients are realizing that their own self-esteem is the cause of many an evil in their lives. Unhealthy behaviors and blockages can also develop because of self-esteem and severely affect our lives. All the way to health issues. Therefore, take the opportunity to increase your own perceived self-worth and move it into a reality that promotes and motivates you.

On Wikipedia, self-worth and self-esteem are defined as follows: The self-perceived psychological evaluation one has made for oneself and by which one lives. Regardless of one’s true abilities, this can lead to psychological disorders or symptoms if one’s self-worth is not in harmony. It is important to distinguish whether the self-esteem is high or low, but also, above all, whether it is stable or unstable, contingent or not.

Optimize self-esteem with a hypnosis session or hypnotic coaching

How would it be for you to recognize your true self-worth and experience it. How would it be for you to be valuable, strong and full of confidence and to implement and feel this on a daily basis. Both consciously and unconsciously. To live and implement your true talents and abilities daily with confidence and self-assurance, that should be the goal. What would your quality of life be like then. What then would it be like to realize your passion and dreams? With hypnosis self-worth, especially the inner feeling self-worth, that is, strengthen your own sense of how valuable you are, can open many doors for you.

Self-esteem should not be something that has been determined by others. Such as by the social environment, the media or family and others. It should be such that you feel and perceive something within you that guides you or is an inner indestructible force. This feeling is so important that you should recognize and experience its true greatness within you. Because a disharmony regarding your self-esteem, can greatly affect your whole life, and even health.

Increase your self-esteem. The focus should be on recognizing your own value and letting it become so great that your daily interaction and behavior moves back to the optimum.

A possible quick hypnotic help, now directly to try out:

Strengthen self-esteem feeling here and now

Imagine what you have already achieved in life. Take a little time for it. What have you already accomplished in your life? Make a list or at least mentally list some things for yourself now. Take your time with it. Things you have accomplished in your life.

Now imagine further, if you could inflate your self-esteem, wherever it currently sits in you. Like a balloon. How would that feel? First find out where it sits in you. Then blow it up. How would it feel if it were twice as big now? Or at least as big as you would like it to be. Try it out and adjust it. Make it mentally bigger and distribute it in or around your body where it belongs or feels good. Take your time and experiment with it.

At the same time, you imagine that this new greater sense of self-worth feels good inside you. You begin to feel good about it, or at least pretend to for the moment. You feel that this new larger self-esteem belongs there in this new size and fits you from, now on. Your thoughts and energy system may change, your breathing, defenses, etc., also your other feelings, such as self-confidence, confidence and more. Further, imagine how in you this new thing that you want is protected in the best way now. Be it through a protective shell a mental inner guardian or whatever. So that in the future nothing and nobody can make it smaller again. Completely protected in the best possible way.

Imagine how it is to go through life with this greater self-esteem from now on

Let it work a little bit and remember again all the positive things you have already created in your life. They can be small or big things that you have achieved in your life. Remind yourself of them for a moment. Things you are really proud of and can be proud of. In combination with this new greater self-esteem. Very good, just like that. And notice how it will be easier now in the future with this new greater self-esteem.

Your very personal hypnosis

Of course, in a very personal hypnosis session I can be even more specific to your individual self-esteem issue. In such an individual session in my hypnosis practice with you, it is quite possible to stimulate, implement, and even firmly anchor the desired changes together relatively quickly and easily.

Some of us also carry strong emotional experiences from the past and the above exercise is not quite so easy to implement. Just then a hypnosis session can probably initiate the change and optimization that will make the difference in your life in the future.

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Hypnosis and self-esteem