Exam anxiety and test fears

In the past I had no access to something like optimizing my exam anxiety. Or get rid of exam anxiety through hypnosis or other mental tricks. And I often had very strong exam anxiety. This was followed by diarrhea, palpitations, blackouts, tremors and more just to name a few symptoms. Yes almost even panic or even fever before certain exams. Not only at school, but also at university, in sports, at the driving test and also later in the working world at job interviews and the like. An annoying evil, which can screw up a good performance and also his future plans very much.

I can’t say exactly what the reason for this is or where the cause of exam anxiety lies. Whether it is related to one’s own inner imagination or the influence from outside is not so important for the solution. Our own thinking plays tricks on us and causes disproportionate feelings of panic to arise during exams.

A solution against exam anxiety hypnosis

Hypnosis is one solution to combat exaggerated test anxiety. New inner fully automatic processes and programs must be created. For example, anchoring feelings of security, self-awareness, confidence and self-confidence and the like can be intentionally offered to your subconscious as a solution. This can be done through hypnosis or hypnosis coaching. Then solidify and anchor. Done. The usual exam anxiety panics can no longer take place to the same extent as before. New more optimal and beneficial inner programs are activated in you fully automatically. Serenity, self-confidence and the right amount of focus fill your emotional world. Your breathing remains calm, serene. And your body behaves more relaxed in other ways, too, despite the exam situation.

How about radiating a kind of inner calm and composure at the next exam. Or at the next job interview. In addition, to have an optimal access to your learned knowledge and your inner resources. To approach the exam or situation with self-confidence and conviction.

Reprogram the inner exam fear conditioning through hypnosis.

Try it. Hypnosis can also help with your exam anxiety.

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Exam Fear Study

As I was a student at the University of Zurich and ETH myself (among others in the subject Psychology), I am aware that exams take place regularly at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Of course also in other institutes, schools and professional trainings. These exams take place under great pressure to learn and perform and usually at regular intervals. The screening process is also strictly regulated and can exert additional pressure, otherwise you have to repeat a whole year.

I have recognized during several student talks in my hypnosis practice and also experienced myself: Exam anxiety is a big issue

So working through this anxiety hurdle mentally and getting help makes perfect sense. Hypnosis, self-hypnosis or a suitable mental training can possibly help quickly and effectively. Therefore, students or pupils regularly come to my practice to tackle this issue of exam anxiety.

Exam Anxiety Hypnosis

I am happy to support you or your children to develop a more optimal inner feeling. To shine on the exam day focused and with the required certain ease. Be it oral or written exams. Also the inner learning attitude and preparation and learning phase can be mentally optimized. This is not to say that you no longer need to study. It just means that if you can keep your inner emotional world in balance and in optimal focus, your chances of being able to recall what you have learned at the right moment are higher. And there are thus more possibilities of success than in a fearful or panicky state.

Hypnosis can support you not only to feel better before exams. No, in addition, it can also support you to have a good, resourceful feeling during the whole process of the exam. Exams such as driver’s license exams, job interviews, sporting events, auditions for music or other competitions, etc. can make you feel better and better from now on. Use hypnosis and self-hypnosis and discover for yourself a useful tool to increase your quality of life.

Learning self-hypnosis can also be a suitable way of optimization. I would be happy to help you with this or visit one of my seminars.

The fear of exams gives way

Imagine what it would be like to feel a focused serenity within you in the next exam. And you have confidence and trust in what you have learned. And whether you have to take the exam in writing or orally, you take it with confidence and an inner calm. You succeed in retrieving your knowledge, confidently, promptly and with ease.

Fear of job interviews

Yes, the fear of job interviews or annual appraisal interviews and similar important conversations I also know very well. After all, I worked in business for years and later in industry. When I was younger and had no suitable tools at my disposal, these were often the most unpleasant situations I knew at the time. Only after a few years I learned mental hypnotic tricks, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, which then quickly helped me. And at the same time my career progressed quickly and I was able to take various top management positions. Not least thanks to that I was able to get rid of fear and became a skillful communicator.

Getting rid of awkward behavior, unwanted feelings with hypnosis

In and with hypnosis you can prepare yourself. That is, you mentally live through the situation and condition your unconscious behavior. And you do this in such a way that you feel confidence and inner peace. Even when faced with unpleasant questions or surprises in the course of the conversation, you remain skillful and inwardly calm. Also, your resources, that is, among other things, your knowledge is optimally retrievable. No restless shaky voice, no shallow breathing or the like. Instead, an inner concentration and focus, both of which correspond to your optimum.

Fully automatically and intuitively, more and more confidence, self-assurance and composure develop in such situations as exams. Be it in important conversations or just in exam situations.

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Exam anxiety hypnosis