Gambling Addiction Hypnosis (Casino/Mobile/Computer)

Gambling addiction is very often underestimated by people. It usually starts quite harmlessly. But often it is not recognized by itself. Until it is almost too late. In my eyes there are different types of gambling addiction. The one where you lose money, like in slot machines and casinos.

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And the other kind is gambling addiction on computers, cell phones and the like, which robs you of time and energy. If you think that only young people or even children are affected, you are wrong. In our world, gambling addiction on computers and the like is more widespread than you think. Because there is a high number of unreported cases.

If someone decides, yes I want to change something in my life

and get rid of this vice forever, then he/she usually needs help. Conditioning for years or hours has taken place, a habit has been formed. A kind of addiction and incessant craving: I must…

A gambling addiction hypnosis, which can put inner unfavorable programming and conditioning back in place, can possibly be the help there. Hypnosis can be the first step to becoming free of gambling addiction.

In the case of gambling addicts, the problems can really threaten their existence

Most of the time it started with a slot machine that you operate for fun. Or an experience with friends. Or the simplicity of an offer to join in online poker or the like. The whole system is designed to make it easy to get started, to lure you in. Similar to the way the free chocolate stands in the big supermarkets work on children. You don’t realize until it’s too late that you’ve lost way too much money and sometimes even your entire livelihood is threatened. The quality of life is at risk, yet you say to yourself, “Just this one more game. If I win this, I’m off the hook and quit…” Not only financially, but also in terms of family and social environment, a lot can be destroyed by gambling addiction. In adolescents and children, education can suffer and future development can be severely impaired. Sometimes it even comes so far that it comes to health problems. Alone almost impossible to get out of it.

An anti-gambling addiction hypnosis can help

Or whatever you want to call it can perhaps give the kick to initiate the behavioral change now immediately.
The other day this gentleman came to my hypnosis practice. Fortunately he realized early on that he had a problem. He was gambling away all his money online, mostly at night after a stressful day at work, and had hardly any sleep. Not only could he no longer pay his bills, but his job was in jeopardy because of his gambling addiction. He was an executive, even manager of an entire team. He assured me that if one of his employees in the team had such a gambling addiction, he would fire him immediately, because the work could no longer be done correctly and reliably. Hypnosis was his last hope.

With a few hypnosis sessions, we were able to get his life back on track. What had gone out of kilter we were able to clean up thanks to an anti-gambling addiction hypnosis. His focus is now on new hobbies like outdoor sports. After all, addiction fills a hole in people’s lives, a need that is there and must be fulfilled. In hypnosis, this need is replaced with something more optimal. Therefore, when you take away the addiction, something else has to go in there. Do you also want a change in your gambling addiction?

Consider hypnosis as a possible option to start new ways and get rid of your or your children’s gambling addiction once and for all.