Golf and Hypnosis – Golf and Self Hypnosis

You are probably asking yourself
Can I use golf hypnosis for my golf game?

The answer is simple and is yes, of course. Learn for yourself how to integrate hypnosis or golf hypnosis into your game. Do this in a golf hypnosis seminar, in a self-hypnosis seminar or come to one or more individual sessions and I will be happy to show you how. Anyone can do it. And previous hypnotic experience is not necessary. Be it to have more self-confidence, to stay in the flow of the game or to be able to focus better. Almost all topics of the golf game are possible to optimize with hypnosis. And especially in sports and golf, where the mental factor plays such a decisive role. A kind of inner programming takes place with hypnosis – an inner process. This on a subconscious level. Calmness, self-confidence, confidence in your own abilities or in what you have practiced before are reactivated in you on an unconscious level during hypnosis. And then, on the basis of imagination, one or another game situation is lived through. Mentally and in hypnosis. In a way that feelings, self-confidence, talents and abilities and everything else that is important for your game (muscle processes, body movement, inner thoughts…) are included. Your optimal golf game can continue to develop and become more regularly retrievable.

Golf Hypnosis for Professionals and Amateurs

I myself occasionally work with professional golfers and we mentally and hypnotically program various elements of golf and situations. Yes even whole daily routines and tournament courses. There is really potential for every golfer to develop and improve. Because if you are mentally prepared or even on a hypnotic level, then the chances are greater that your optimal golf game will be retrievable at the crucial moments. Whether professional or amateur. Because especially in many of our golf clubs and this not only in Switzerland, the mental factor in sports is strongly neglected and underestimated. Often not even trained. In the USA this is less the case. Already in the colleges and as young teenagers, mental training and hypnosis is integrated in the sports and therefore in the golf trainings.

Therefore, it is important that you support your mind by means of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Exciting successes are then more and more possible.

Also in tennis, skiing, football, field hockey, archery, etc. I have regular clients who learn hypnosis with me, use and regularly hypno-coach themselves to be even more successful.

Benefits of Golf Hypnosis

Will every shot be perfect after hypnosis? No, of course not. But you will increase the possibility to integrate more good or even perfect shots into your golf game. Also to feel less or no stress or pressure. Simply playing better intuitively. You also increase the likelihood that you will make good and brilliant shots more often in a row and not just sporadically. Your comfort zone will also become larger or playing in absolute flow will be the case more and more often.

Every now and then I have golfers in my practice who are struggling with social pressure or even with themselves on the golf course. And then no longer feel this game as a game, but as a social obligation, social tests or similar perceive the whole and feel uncomfortable while playing golf, block themselves. Again, hypnosis can optimize what has changed in you to your disadvantage. Fun and the movement in the nature are moved again in the foreground of the perception. At the same time a personality development can take place in you.

Advantage of Golf Hypnosis

The MENTAL factor is often decisive in golf. USE THEREFORE THE HYPNOSIS to your advantage! Some advantages which hypnotically and even hypnotically well trained golfers have over the others are:

  • Implementing more the shots you really want to make
  • Increasing concentration during the game
  • Increase and build self-confidence
  • Dealing with distractions, using them to your advantage accordingly
  • Overcoming various possible fears and blockages
  • Eliminating negative self-talk
  • Feeling better about oneself on the court and about one’s own performance
  • Getting rid of bad, unwanted habits and acquiring good, more optimal golfing habits
  • Finally being able to execute the good, optimal golf shot even under great pressure
  • Make good shots more regularly and thus lower your handicap.
  • Stay focused despite adverse external conditions, such as unfavorable flight, course conditions, weather, noise, animals and more.
  • Reach the optimal playing conditions more often. Known in English as: “Get in the zone” and “Stay in the zone.”
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Golf Hypnosis

Golfsuisse Hypnosis – Golf Hypnosis

I have read in the magazine of Golfsuisse that the junior team with the help of hypnosis (golf hypnosis) have secured the silver medal at the European Championship. Congratulations! I think it is good that our young Swiss golf team is learning to use hypnosis like the professionals.

Of course, one or the other will now ask: How does it work? Or: Does it also work for me?

I would be happy to help you to incorporate the tools of hypnosis into your game.