Hypnosis can help with animal phobias

Above all, hypnosis can help quickly and effectively. Most phobias occur with spiders, snakes, mice, rats, dogs, cats, sharks. And yet I am always surprised by my clients what other animal phobias there are. Frogs, insects and more. The other day I had a lady with a pigeon phobia. That is, it ran ice-cold down her spine, if she saw pigeons in the city or already the cooing aroused fears in her. If these pigeons then still fluttered around her, then she broke out into a downright panic. Fortunately, hypnosis could help her and after just one hypnosis session she got rid of her pigeon phobia.

Mild and severe phobia of animals

Some people have only a mild fear or respect of certain animals. This is based on their knowledge or documentations they have heard, read or seen. And this is completely normal. But more and more often there are people with strong animal phobias. That is, real panic outbreaks, fear sweat or phobic blockade of the body can take place. Also shortness of breath and more. The affected are helplessly at the mercy of this phobia.

This does not have to be, because hypnosis can help.

Causes for an animal phobia

Where this animal phobia comes from, most do not know themselves so exactly. That is, they really don’t know where the phobia about that particular animal comes from. And that is all right. Hypnosis can still help, because you are not born with this fear or phobia. So you can get rid of it, too.

On the other hand, it can also be a traumatic experience from the past with an animal. Whether from childhood or something you experienced even recently. And also the inner imagination can simply unconsciously play a trick on you and exaggerate. Be it stimulated by movies, documentaries or TV shows that you have seen. And unconsciously reinforced by any dreams or inner processes.

Self-experienced animal phobia

It is often the case that a strong experience can be the cause for an animal phobia. For example, several years ago I was attacked by a pack of wild dogs on one of my trips around the world. I was riding my bicycle on a dirt road in the tropics when suddenly a dog came out of the thicket a few hundred meters in front of me. He looked down the road in my direction and immediately began to bark vigorously. Shortly after, 2 more dogs joined him. 6 eyes focused on me and barked loudly and aggressively in my direction. I became hesitant because three dogs yapping in front of me with their eyes wide open was not a sight I was used to. Discomfort arose in me. Afterwards even fear. I said to myself, calmly and calmly continue cycling. Then pass them without paying attention or looking them in the eye. I had once heard that you should not stare directly into the eyes of animals for a long time, they take that as a threat. Whether this is true I do not know until today, because these three did not seem to know this rule and continued anyway.

I came closer and then they started yapping in my direction. It cost me a lot of effort to continue cycling calmly and as relaxed as possible. Two were now on my left and one on my right. Loud aggressive barking they ran beside my bike. Then one started to snap at me. He only caught my shoe, but I realized that I had to adopt a new strategy: escape. I accelerated. The dogs also one jumped from behind on the luggage carrier but lost the grip. And already the left one had caught my calf at the second attempt to bite me. I pedaled as fast as I could on this gravel road and after a few hundred meters they let go of me. I surely put another 2-3 kilometers between me and the dogs to then examine the bite in my calf. It was bleeding and the 4 canine teeth of the dog had clearly penetrated the skin. Thus I had from then on a strong dog phobia. Which was a pity, because there are many nice good-natured dogs. Finally I decided to hypnotically change my perception towards this dog phobia and also towards this experience and also to get rid of this freshly created phobia once and for all. I still have respect when a barking dog comes near my left calf. But no panic or fearful outbursts and I have a normal interaction today as I have with dogs in the past.

I always say: Self-experienced knowledge is true knowledge. Having had an animal phobia myself helps me understand those I help.

The spider phobia

Spinnen Phobie Schmidt Hypnose

The spider phobia is probably the most widespread animal phobia par excellence. Also in my hypnosis practice the spider phobia is the most treated phobia, which I cure by hypnosis. Some people can’t even enter the room knowing that there is a spider there. And that doesn’t have to be the case. With animal phobia hypnosis you can quickly find a remedy.

The solution: animal phobia hypnosis

Nowadays, there are fast-acting hypnotic and mental remedies to effectively get rid of an animal phobia. With the help of hypnosis you go into a trance. There, access to your subconscious mind is possible. After all, fears and panic are, among other things, unconscious processes. Changes can be stimulated and the fear or phobia can be reduced.

The procedure for animal phobia hypnosis

You describe which animal phobia it is. And how it manifests itself. Then we discuss how you want to react or feel in contact with this animal instead.

We do a few hypnotic exercises in waking consciousness to give the psyche and your unconscious processes an option to behave differently. Also regarding the feelings and emotions in connection with this animal, first hypnotic steps can be made. This is usually more of a hypnotic conversation where you stimulate the imagination.

Finally they go into a trance. I lead you with words into the depth of hypnosis, which you decide for yourself. This in order to anchor the new behavior on an unconscious level and to get rid of the old behavior or the old processes or the old exaggerated emotions once and for all. A harmonization takes place, a new behavior is linked to your future. With these new options of behavior I continue to support you with words to finally come out of hypnosis back into waking consciousness.

The solution is therefore: Relatively simple and effective for you to let the hypnosis work. Usually immediately or even after a few days the annoying animal phobia is gone.