Fear of heights is a phenomenon that is more widespread than one might think. For some people, climbing a chair or a ladder is enough to trigger the fear of heights in you. Others notice it when they are on bridges or when they are hiking in the mountains on narrow steep paths. That’s most of my clients, by the way. They want to climb the multitude of great hiking trails in our country safely and without fear.

Often one hypnosis session is enough

With just one hypnosis session, most people can be helped relatively quickly and effectively. There are still too many people who suffer from fear of heights from an early age or for many years. This queasy feeling that they get fully automatically when it comes to heights. With some it can even come to sweating, increased heartbeat and more.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many people do not know that hypnosis is an effective way to get rid of the fear of heights once and for all.

People who suffer from fear of heights avoid situations where heights are involved and thus have a reduced quality of life.

A solution to solve it: fear of heights HYPNOSIS

What many do not know: Yes, hypnosis can deal not only with unconscious fears, but also with the conscious ones.
With the help of hypnosis it is relatively easy and effective to reduce excessive fear of heights or even to get rid of it altogether. A healthy respect for heights should of course remain. Because it makes no sense to be completely fearless and disrespectful of dangerous heights. The goal is to find a balance between the two.

The procedure for fear of heights hypnosis

It is best to book an appointment online that suits you, and then you come to my practice. We discuss where, when and how the exaggerated fear of heights occurs, which affects your quality of life. I explain what hypnosis is and can do and we do some preliminary exercises in an open conversation. After that, I help you get into a trance-like state. That is, you maintain control and relax at the same time and are open to internalizing new inner images, thoughts, feelings and inner unconscious processes regarding your fear of heights. Mostly partly on a conscious level, but at the same time also on an unconscious level.

Consequently, from now on, your brain, emotional world and inner processes have new options and possibilities to react to heights. Both consciously and unconsciously and in a healthy normal proportion, adapted to the situations at hand.

Mentally you will relive before your inner eyes one or the other scene of situations in which you would have been “ticked off” in the past to realize that this exaggerated fear of heights is no longer active. A process of optimization has been stimulated and implemented.

Later you will notice in reality that your exaggerated fear of heights or phobia of heights is gone. Without you having to actively think about anything. It is simply gone. In a natural and optimal way.

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