Fears or anxiety are as versatile as people themselves

A fear or fears can block a lot. Yes even affect and denigrate our entire quality of life. Fear can also keep good opportunities away from us or prevent our own development. Getting rid of fears thanks to hypnosis is possible.

Everyone has small fears. And that’s how it should be, because they ultimately act as protection. But if you have acquired fears and let them affect you in such a big and influential way that whole areas of your life are qualitatively affected or you almost let your behavior slide into ab-normality, you (woman) should act.

Get rid of fears with hypnosis

It is up to you where you want to start. The origin of fear usually lies within you. Inner thought patterns, unconsciousness, social pressure and behavior patterns, which have been spreading in you for a long time, block or cause unpleasant things. Often caused from the outside, for example by experiences. Sometimes, however, one is completely unaware of where this fear comes from. Unconsciously occurring fears can just as well be reduced quickly and effectively through hypnosis.

New inner behavioral patterns and strategies of feeling good instead of fear are needed

On the basis of hypnosis, i.e. with inner images, inner films and the appropriate feelings, you can directly influence and define the quality of your life that is good for you. This is the solution. Being in control and regaining control is a key to dealing with anxiety or fear. I am happy to help you activate your inner resources. So that you have enough power and a new automatic inner program to deal with fears or they even disappear completely.

In my practice I experience again and again people who let fears grow inside themselves instead of getting rid of them continuously. And this, moreover, in a much too powerful and strong form, so that the quality of life is really severely impaired. Most of them are surprised afterwards how easy it is to initiate a new process with a few hypnosis sessions in order to finally reduce the fears, to conquer them or to let them become insignificant.

Fear Hypnosis: Reduce fears thanks to hypnosis

Making big fears smaller until they have the size that you can comfortably control them again. This will be one of the keys where your subconscious mind will support you. Whether it be through a hypnosis coaching session or a slightly deeper hypnotic journey. An inner calm and/or strength then develops for most. New ways of thinking and options open up. Resources that have been paralyzed by fear can also be reactivated. Hypnotherapy is a proven way to quickly counteract a variety of fears. Find your key in a trance to experience new doors of confidence and inner strength. I will gladly help and support you in this process. Be it unconscious or conscious fears that affect your quality of life.


What many people don’t know is that nowadays you can very quickly weaken a strong phobia extremely with mental and slightly hypnotic exercises and reprogramming of inner processes and even make it disappear completely from your life.

There are countless types and subgroups of phobia.

Even lighter phobias can usually be effectively and quickly resolved in a light trance or through a hypnotherapy session.

Phobia treatment often takes fewer sessions than you might think. The quality of life of most clients who contact me about one or more phobias suffers. It may well be that the resolution of the phobia or the total disappearance of the phobia from the life of the or affected person will also positively affect other areas of life. Time and again I receive emails from my clients who are amazed to find that not only has the fear or phobia dissolved, but that they are noticing positive changes in other areas of life as well. There is more energy for what is important. Focusing on success, health and happiness in life opens up new perspectives. Doors open.

What would it be like for you if your phobia or phobic reaction ceased to exist from one day to the next?

What would everything change? – An exciting idea, isn’t it?

On some level, everyone knows that you were not born with your phobia, but that you acquired it. Be it through experiences, education or inner imagination and more. And everything that you have acquired through your own experiences mentally or in reality and through regularly recurring anxiety and phobic reactions, you can also get rid of.

This is how I usually proceed: After describing your concern and your desire how you want to behave in the future, we initiate a new thought pattern together. A new experience takes place. First in the world of thoughts and later in the real world. Something in you causes your future behavior to be more optimal and no longer phobic.

Thanks to hypnosis, we then anchor this new, more optimal behavior on an unconscious level and the old phobic behavior no longer takes place.
So there are solutions and possibilities for change.
I would be happy to welcome you in my practice in Zurich to introduce you to hypnosis and its possibilities for change.

Fear of flying

Vacations, vacation and traveling can be so beautiful. – If only there was not this fear of flying. The feeling of being helpless as soon as the doors of the plane are closed. An inner uneasy feeling spreads. Sweating and other symptoms. There are people who suffer from a strong fear of flying.

For many, the uneasy feeling starts even beforehand. Be it at check-in or in the waiting lounge or when booking the flight. The idea of having no ground beneath you, of being enclosed, helplessly at the mercy of others, of having no means of escape, the confinement and more. Noises and shaking, bad air give one then still the remainder.

And yet there are people who are relaxed about it. People who are happy to fly. What do these passengers do differently than those who have a fear of flying?

Quite simply: Their expectations and their inner images and inner processes are different or run differently.

Most people think that this cannot be controlled or simply changed.

But you can! Especially the fear of flying is an unconsciously constructed phobia. And phobias can be gotten rid of relatively quickly and skillfully today. With one or a few hypnosis sessions, the problem of fear of flying is eliminated. I will be happy to guide you in hypnosis to get rid of these inner, unpleasant processes or programming relatively quickly and effectively. Mental calmness instead of stress already at the check-in and even more so when flying itself, when the doors are closed. How would it be for you to then sink into a serene state in an inspiring trance and arrive relaxed and refreshed at your desired destination.

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More info on anxiety hypnosis in my blog (in German).

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