Falling asleep quickly, sleeping well through the night, finding deep sleep, avoiding anxiety dreams – the sleep disorders and sleep problems today are many and varied.

Sleep disorders and hypnosis

The causes of sleep disorders can be many and varied. With hypnosis, however, you increase the possibility of finding again your sleep rhythm and the depth of sleep, which is ultimately good for you. Even lying awake for a long time at night or being able to fall asleep quickly and find a deep long-lasting sleep can be possible again. Sleep is an unconscious process. Therefore, it makes sense to use hypnosis to bring this unconscious part of you back into balance. After all, hypnosis also deals with the unconscious processes within us. This means that you can change your unconscious, unfavorable sleep behavior through skillful hypnosis and through an inner process. A process is set in motion, which leads to the harmonization of what is currently no longer right. After all, a healthy and deep sleep will eventually give you back the energy and focus you need for your daily life.

Fortunately, with hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can influence your own subconscious.

When it comes to falling asleep, our thoughts and minds can be our best friends. But they can also be our worst enemies. Worries, fears, blockages and even professional projects, stress and more are spinning in our minds and won’t stop.

Hypnosis sleep disorders

With hypnosis it is possible to calm down the world of thoughts and emotions relatively quickly. To bring these thus also again in agreement. More peace and serenity are possible. And your inner world finally calms down to a level, i.e. to a frequency, which enables and allows calm and restful, as well as deep sleep.

It is known that about 40% of all adults suffer from sleep disorders. This phenomenon is also becoming more and more common among children and adolescents. Hours of sleep are robbed. The reason: long periods of lying awake, circling thoughts, being stirred up inside, problems and projects and more.

The valuable sleep is then missing in everyday life. The most diverse symptoms can occur: Daytime sleepiness, irritability, attention problems and disturbances in performance. Lack of drive, even loss of appetite, health problems and much more. All the way to burnout. As mentioned, health problems are not uncommon either.

Not being able to sleep through the night or not sleeping deeply and restfully do not have to be problems nowadays. There is something you can do, hypnosis or hypnotherapy are an option.

For insomnia, the solution is relatively simple

The simple solution is to have the ability to relax mentally. In such a way that the body and mind in harmony can quickly find their way to a deep healthy sleep. Hypnosis can be a healthy alternative to common medications for falling asleep. Self-hypnosis and meditation are also suitable tools to reacquire the ability to relax and switch off. So that you can then sink into the sleep mode you want, when you want it.

Problem of falling asleep

Using hypnosis, you allow yourself for the first time to get to the bottom of the core cause of your inability to fall asleep. You may already know the reasons, but possibly not. In a hypnosis session, you can find out the real reasons for your sleep problems. And finally, you dissolve the obstructive behavior patterns. You reconnect with previous experiences of falling asleep quickly. And you access your own optimal strategy to fall asleep quickly or to go back to sleep if you ever wake up during the night.
Be it problems, daily events or the inner hamster wheel, which prevented you from falling asleep so far. So now these are faded out to find a healthy deep sleep in useful time. The natural relaxation abilities of the body are stimulated. Obstructive behavior patterns can be recognized and immediately changed or dissolved. This to make way for new strategies of falling asleep. Faster and deeper sleep will now be possible for you again.

Problem of sleeping through the night

Early awakening is becoming more and more common. After a short period of sleep, you wake up and can’t fall back asleep. Thoughts, experiences, worries and projects circle inside you and keep you awake. Also daytime thoughts and fantasy stories. You know how important it is to sleep through the night. Also how valuable it is that the body recovers. After all, regeneration of the body must take place. You say to yourself in vain, I will miss the sleep tomorrow. I must fall asleep now!

With hypnosis, or a kind of internalized self-hypnosis, you have alternatives to the usual drugs for falling asleep. You decide how long and how deep you want to sleep. Longer periods of sleeping through the night can become more and more natural. In hypnosis, you allow yourself to give your subconscious mind a program so that longer phases of sleeping through the night are possible again. And these will become more and more natural and enjoyable over time.

A few simple tips on the subject of insomnia or falling asleep:

  • Prepare yourself for going to sleep. Do something quiet. Don’t go to bed right after watching TV or using the computer. Give your mind and body the space already in the waking state to slow down, to shut down. Daydreaming for a short time can also help.
  • When you are lying in bed, consciously program yourself through a kind of self-hypnosis. This by saying to yourself with your inner voice or imagining specifically what you want. For example, “I want to sleep for 6 hours at a time now and fall asleep quickly and harmoniously. This with pleasant dreams.” And while doing this, imagine what that would be like….
  • Possibly use some kind of meditation. Consciously go to a dreamscape, use your imagination and fantasy for it and make a mental journey to a quiet and relaxing place. Sea, mountains, forest, desert, beach, etc. It may happen that you tip over into the dream in the process.
  • Breathe out longer than you breathe in. This calms your body and brings you closer to natural sleep. Consciously relaxing your body more and more can also help.
  • Thoughts, which come you can simply let fly again further. That is, consciously just notice thoughts briefly and then let them go and fly away. With time, your subconscious mind no longer wants to keep sending thoughts that are not used and it stops doing so.
  • Imagine that all active thoughts, problems and thought projects, which come now you deposit somewhere outside. In the garden, in front of the door or wherever. Also leave problems and fears outside and say to yourself, tomorrow after sleep I can deal with you again. Not now, get out!

Hypnosis sleep disorders

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