A large number of people suffer from eating disorders

The causes are as numerous as our food supply itself.

In eating disorders, the basic feeling is in disharmony, the perceived sense of self and usually also one’s own self-worth further do not work as they should.

The reasons and causes for eating disorders are often multifaceted:

Trauma, bullying, past experiences, childhood experiences, restlessness, tension, inner emptiness, performance thinking, stress and more can be the cause of eating disorders. Also protection, seeking help, compensation, fulfilling societal ideals, stimulation from advertising, habits, reward system, self-determination and more.

Start with strengthening self-esteem.

One of the main causes of eating disorders often lies in the perception of one’s own self-worth. This, when restored to harmony, can then help you make positive choices about eating. New more optimal behavior patterns emerge. And your eating behavior will return to normal.

Optimization of the inner emotional atmosphere is important

In any case, it is important to bring this felt inner atmosphere back into harmony. A new optimal balance can manifest itself in you over time. Stimulated by one or regular hypnosis sessions. Self-hypnosis can also support and contribute to this process. With time, a more optimal eating behavior takes place fully automatically. A kind of harmonization of what was previously out of balance can now manifest itself. It is also important to recognize the secondary benefits and to obtain them in other ways is a key to success in restoring normal eating behavior.

A possible solution for eating disorders

Strengthen your own basic feeling. Hypnosis can help you with this. In a hypnotic session you go into resonance with your subconscious, or at least with the subconscious processes that have been controlling you so unhappily up to now. This means that you can get to the bottom of the reasons for your eating disorder. You allow yourself to stimulate optimizations and thus also to acquire new, more optimal behavioral patterns. This new behavioral pattern of yours regarding eating will then in time support your fully automatic new, normal, healthy and vital eating behavior more and more. It will become as natural as brushing your teeth every day.

My clients often know more about nutrition than I do – and that’s a good thing

More and more people are concerned with acquiring knowledge about our nutrition and its ingredients etc.. Also how our body and digestive system works, metabolism, breakdown and building of cells and much more. You can be examined and measured, which foods are good for your body and strengthen it and which are not. Nowadays there are countless ways to acquire knowledge and processes concerning food intake in general and individually. Finally, we find out what is good for us and what is not. What science recommends and what not.

Furthermore, there are nutrition programs, diets and strategies how to feed and move the body optimally and how not. To be honest, I am not an expert in this field and do not want to become one. However, what I do know and what I have noticed is that many people have problems with the implementation of the acquired knowledge and what is good for you and what is not. How do I bring what I basically know into my life and live according to it. That is the problem of many. And this is exactly where hypnosis can help and support.

The implementation of better eating behavior

Above all, the permanent implementation of what the mind knows, this is where many stumble. It is about stimulating an inner process in you. A process of change and transformation to something more optimal, which you have already understood in your mind, but simply have not yet implemented. Hypnosis stimulates processes of optimization. Therefore, why not use hypnosis for yourself as well. Finally stimulate the process of change that you have been wishing for a long time. All this with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can possibly help you

Why not use hypnosis to get rid of blocking beliefs and convictions, integrate new strategies and processes to deal with your diet in the best possible way. The goal should be to consume what the body really needs. This in a healthy and vital measure. The conscious mind already knows it most of the time. However, the inner pig dog, your self-perception or habits or the social environment encourage you, even force one to behave differently than that is good for the body and the mind.

To be filled without being filled!

For me in my practice it is interesting to see how there are always new peculiarities of eating disorders. But it is also exciting to see how more and more people get their eating disorders back under control relatively quickly. This with only a few hypnosis sessions. More and more people are succeeding in implementing what they were never able to do before, step by step and fully automatically in their everyday lives, and in acquiring new strategies. What you found difficult in the past can be made easier and integrated step by step with the help of hypnosis. Especially regarding your eating habits.

2 main types of eating disorders

In my hypnosis practice there are most besides a few other eating disorders 2 types of eating disorders because of which I am consulted again and again. These are:

  • Either eating too much and/or eating unhealthy at the same time.
  • Or too little and/or getting rid of what you have eaten in one way or another.

Both types of eating disorders can be helped and have I respectively the hypnosis can also already help. As mentioned above, I start with you to optimize your basic feeling. Possibly also to find the causes. Even if they are unconscious and not obvious at first. This usually in a light trance or also in a normal conversation. And then we name the unfavorable behavior patterns. That which you no longer want. Using hypnosis, I help you so that you can begin to eliminate these unfavorable behavior patterns, that is, get rid of them forever.

And finally, the desired behavior regarding food, that is, the way you want it, you will also be able to acquire more and more through hypnosis. A change in you takes place. A process which leads you to your goal: to eat optimally again. Healthy, vital and in the right quantities.

Vitality and quality of life return

Depending on the type of eating disorder, a suitable self-hypnosis seminar, which I offer, can also open the doors to a better quality of life. Have a look at my seminar offer.

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Eating Disorders can by hypnotically solved