by Michael Schmidt, Hypnosetherapeut

In various studies it has been proven that hypnosis and also self-hypnosis work. Especially hypnosis for hay fever.

Hypnosis for hay fever and allergies

In various studies it has been proven that hypnosis and also self-hypnosis work. Especially hypnosis for hay fever.
Hypnosis for hay fever and allergies
Hay fever is an unconscious hypersensitivity reaction of the own immune system. Especially to the pollen of plants that are usually harmless. Our body reacts to these plant pollens because it eventually classifies them as dangerous and foreign to the body. An overreaction occurs. Unfortunately, more and more children and adolescents are affected nowadays.

Right on time in spring and summer it starts: sniffling nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, headache, tingling and more. Energy is robbed. The quality of life is limited. Going outside often leads to agony.

I myself was a victim of spring for years

It started with a runny nose and itchy eyes. Soon I had watery eyes, sneezing, headaches. And finally the feeling that my whole face was contracting and filling up with cold water. Yes, even the body itched. My eyes anyway, these itched and watered sometimes very intensely. Sometimes I even had to lie down in bed from exhaustion. As if thousands of invisible flower pollen would attack and torture me in the middle of my face at the same time. Of course, I renounced pleasant things in my life. A walk in nature or in the park at certain times of the year was simply not possible. What started out easy as a child got worse and worse as a teenager and budding adult. My solution at that time was to take a shower to get rid of all the pollen and then go straight to bed with the window closed (even in summer).

A solution was needed. And solutions there are. While my father, who was also a hay fever victim, considered an injection from the doctor as a solution, I devoted myself to mental techniques, including hypnosis and self-hypnosis. And I found in hypnosis the solution to my hay fever problem.

The solution: use ‘hay fever hypnosis’

Fortunately, with hypnosis and self-hypnosis, I was able to relieve the symptoms. And even make them disappear completely. Moreover, walks in nature and in the forest are possible again and this at any time of the year.

In the meantime I have developed a well effective self-hypnosis against hay fever, which fits and works for me. Occasionally or when needed, I put myself in a hypnotic state and actively influence my immune system and my body positively by means of suggestions.

In short, today I feel a slight tingling in my nose in spring and I know that the pollen is on its way, which used to annoy me so much. Nothing more. I have managed to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of spring in my body to a minimum or even let them subside completely. The plant pollen is allowed to fly, while at the same time I can stay in the fresh air and enjoy the spring sun and the blooming nature. Getting rid of hay fever thanks to hypnosis is possible!

It pays to use hypnosis for hay fever!

Especially among children and adolescents, the number of affected is increasing in recent years.

Get rid of hay fever with hypnosis briefly explained

Hypnosis stimulates lasting changes in perception, thinking and behavior. The subconscious part in you is contacted. That is, the part which supposedly thinks that you have to react so blatantly and hypersensitively to harmless substances. Your defenses are strengthened again and a normal way of dealing with the flying pollen in the air and your body can be re-established. It is a process which is stimulated. An inner process. And this helps you to drastically reduce the symptoms of hay fever or even make them disappear completely.

Your immune system is also affected. It can therefore find new healthier solutions. New more optimal options are available to the immune system to unconsciously react better or to react less or not at all to certain things and react unnecessarily.

Hay fever triggering substances (mostly pollen) lose their effect. Protection, immunity and self-healing are the key words which can be activated, harmonized and fully automatically integrated in hypnosis to find solutions against hay fever.

A symptom shift or symptom dampening can take place

Of course, the solution with this problem is different for everyone. If I will now describe here what had helped me at that time, it is not a patent remedy for all people suffering from hay fever. However, it can trigger the appropriate thoughts and suggestions in you that you have been looking for for a long time. And finally, you may also succeed in finding solutions in a few steps using hypnosis or self-hypnosis. In my hypnosis practice in Zurich, you can finally get in touch with your unconscious part of you, which is overreacting, in a hypnosis session guided by me, and finally stimulate solutions.

Using ‘hay fever hypnosis’, here how I did it:

I put myself into a deep trance at that time. Using various self-hypnosis techniques (which I also teach in my self-hypnosis seminars). An inner mental world opened up to me. In my thoughts a kind of control system or a kind of control center appeared. In this control center were screens and levers and wheels and much more. One can imagine it approximately like the bridge of a spaceship. Here was the center of all my inner workings. Health, thoughts, beliefs, unconscious processes, muscle control, cell renewal, in short everything was controlled and stored here. I let my unconscious lead me to where my concern was: “getting rid of hay fever”.
Once there (still in a deep self-hypnosis) I recognized a small control panel. Here it was about my allergy regarding hay fever. I looked around and realized that the display was in the red zone. That the system was completely overloaded and overwhelmed. And my defenses were at a minimum. I continued to recognize levers and adjusting wheels and just a few indicators in the red zone. I now set about initiating changes by changing things. For example, I increased the defenses by slowly turning up the “defenses” lever to a level that made sense to me. I further built something like a protection against the pollen on this control panel. I adjusted all other levers so that they made more sense and could support and strengthen me with my hay fever allergy. I also replaced some elements that seemed outdated and ineffective. I took my time with it and even began to enjoy it. I had stimulated an inner symbolic process, which then had an effect on my quality of life. As I said, I got rid of my hay fever allergy.

You too can use hypnosis to tap into the genius of your subconscious and bring solutions into your life.

Reprogram yourself and stimulate a process. Strengthen your defenses. Your body’s reactions to pollen can thus change and harmonize. And you can say goodbye to hay fever.

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Hay fever – Hypnosis can help you