Hypnosis regression into past experiences

In hypnosis, one is in a relaxed state. The conscious mind is not as active as usual. If someone is accompanied with support and relives the experience in hypnosis and allows himself time and peace in doing so, he can suddenly remember more than was previously the case. The extent to which one can re-establish contact with earlier experiences varies from person to person. And yet, especially in a hypnotic state, it is possible to have one or two experiences that one no longer consciously remembers. New insights and inner experiences are possible. These can have a changing effect. All well noted in a protected framework. In the case of bad or traumatic experiences, one should experience the inner images and experiences above all as a companion, that is, looking at them from the outside. So that the trauma is not re-experienced and reinforced. Or also in order not to reinforce the fear and panic. Experiences can be made. New realizations and perceptions can help to “digest” the past more optimally. Inner peace and confidence can be given the space they need.

Schmidt Hypnose Rückführung in früheres Leben

This means to have and create a trustiIt is important to have a secure ambience during repatriation, that is, to have and create a trusting environment. And in addition to be well guided and supported, because during a hypnosis regression can go off emotionally a lot. At the same time, it is also exciting and can help you to better understand and master your current, present life.

Hypnosis regression to early childhood or womb

Here, in the conscious mind, there is usually no memory. If there is, it is usually based on stories told by others, which one has then dreamed or so often underlined with inner images that one thinks to remember having really experienced all this.

What is exciting is that hypnosis really helps the person concerned, no matter how much truth and how much of his or her own mind and imagination is involved. That is, she or he can reduce or at least understand the fear or oppressiveness of young childhood or supposedly experienced in the womb. A process is set in motion. After such hypnosis, inner peace and tranquility usually occur. A harmonization takes place and fast better future quality of life is possible.

Even in hypnosis, one cannot guarantee whether what has now been experienced again has really happened exactly like this, differently or similarly. It is probably rather an inner process. A process that shows the conscious mind a world it can live with and parts of the truth merge with the hypnotic experience. New other feelings can establish themselves: Peace, harmony, ease, forgiveness, love, freedom and more. Also past traumas can be worked on so well and realizations arise and an inner better feeling, so that one can deal with the experienced and experienced better.

Addressing trauma with hypnosis

The issue of trauma can be very serious and often greatly affects the quality of life of my clients. Most clients can name their traumas quite specifically. But that is not always the case. One client came to see me and wanted to know if you can get rid of anxiety or trauma with hypnosis, even if you don’t know where it came from. Yes, of course you can. We did that successfully. And yet most people want to know where it comes from. Hypnosis regression is a means to get to where it all started. But you don’t have to, because you can achieve very positive results with hypnosis on the subject of trauma and traumas even without knowing the origin. Or having to relive the whole thing before your inner eyes. For example, if you cut your finger, the healing of the finger also takes place in the unconscious, without having to remember all the time where you just cut yourself again and where healing must now take place.

Panic attacks without knowing their origin

I once had a client. She explained to me that panic attacks appear from time to time as if out of nowhere. Also anxiety attacks or that her breath remained away from time to time and other unpleasant symptoms become noticeable. It happened more and more often and uncontrollably and showed itself in different ways. Her husband had also noticed this and was worried. Since I do not want to go into further details regarding my clients, I will abbreviate the story a bit here. The unexpected cause was the mother-in-law and her unconscious influence on the still young family with children. Hypnosis helped my client firstly to recognize this by doing a short regression in time. And secondly to develop an inner strength and protection for the future. Also to integrate new behavior patterns and to consolidate inner self-confidence and trust in oneself. The family harmony could be maintained and at the same time an inner strength had been developed to live in a long-term harmony with one’s own family, which was not possible before. The symptoms became less and less until they disappeared completely relatively quickly after a few weeks.

Anti Trauma Hypnosis

With hypnosis trauma, it is usually not necessary to dive into the depths and past and analyze everything. It does not always need a regression. It is enough, for example, to focus on a solution to the problem. The result can be that the symptoms of the trauma or traumas can no longer affect health or quality of life. Other inner possibilities are open. Optimizations can be successfully implemented and integrated unconsciously with anti-trauma hypnosis. As said without having to do a regression into the past, although it is known that the causes most likely lie in the past.

Positive characteristics from hypnosis regression

In addition, I would like to emphasize that not only negative, no also all talents and abilities in us have their origin in the past. A regression hypnosis can strengthen these sources, expand, reactivate or one recognizes where they come from and what other resources one still has…

Hypnosis past life regression

A very exciting and always discussed topic: past lives. Is there such a thing? For this, a whole belief system or belief structure is needed. Namely, that there are previous lives. In science and the world of faith there are various views and proofs and refutations of this, which I will not go into. The topic is simply too big, too versatile and too comprehensive and finally also controversial.

Let’s assume there are past lives that can be contacted

Past life regression is for me one of the most exciting subjects that one can experience with hypnosis. If someone, much like the people of Indian culture, is convinced that there are past lives that affect you, then that is the case for them. Therefore, it is obvious to want to learn more about it. Hypnosis is one way to do this. For example, to get to know inner worlds, others and new things. The inner convictions that blockages, fears, curses or behavioral patterns originate from a past life eventually have an effect on the present life of the person concerned. Sometimes even violently.

A contact with these inner images, voices, feelings, experiences or old energy fields can create understanding and even initiate a change or healing of said fears and blockages in today’s life. You can then recognize how this affects you today, that this comes from a previous life and you can better deal with it in the here and now.

In the optimal case you can even come to an end with it. You can internalize anew that what you experienced in a past life is and was in the past and may be perceived separately with today’s life. Also here it is possible to enable a better future quality of life in a fast way.

Hypnosis regression use

I had already dealt with the topic of regression and hypnosis regression several times and longer at the beginning of this millennium. It is exciting and at the same time you have to stretch your mind and spirit a lot. In my eyes there are several types of regression.

The 4 hypnosis regression types I use the most:

  1. The regression into past experiences, which one really had and partially remembers
  2. Into experiences which took place only or also partially in the imagination or in dreams
  3. The regression into experiences in early childhood or even into the womb
  4. And finally, regressions to past lives

I myself use all 4 types of hypnosis regressions, which I mentioned above. And I have gone through them myself several times. No matter which worldview I represent, I have to say, all of them have their value and their right to exist. And all of them have finally contributed to my further development. That means, it is and remains a very exciting sometimes also mystical topic, which can also help you: the hypnotic regression.

If you want, book an appointment now and experience a regression with hypnosis yourself in a protected and professional setting..