Getting rid of phobias with hypnosis

What many people don’t know is that nowadays you can very quickly, with mental and light hypnotic exercises and reprogramming, extremely weaken a strong phobia and even make it disappear completely from your life. Phobia hypnosis can help relatively quickly and effectively.

There are very many types and subgroups of phobia: animal phobia (spiders, snakes, dogs, mice, insects…), fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of heights, social phobias and many more.

What would it be like for you if your phobia or phobic reaction ceased to exist from one day to the next? What would everything change? What would your new quality of life be like? – An exciting idea, isn’t it? Let it become real. I will be happy to support you in this.

Untreated phobias can dominate and direct the life of an affected person, and the phobia can even worsen. A significant impairment of the quality of life is the result, as one tries to avoid the situations and triggers of the phobia. Again and again I have clients in my practice who are afraid to go out in nature, to experience certain situations or among people because of some phobia or unfounded fear. They are helplessly at the mercy of their unconscious behavior. The conscious mind already knows that the whole thing is exaggerated, but unconsciously the fear or panic takes place anyway. And you cannot do anything against it. Until you discover hypnosis and use it for yourself to finally initiate the desired change.

The phobia hypnosis

The phobia hypnosis is an effective therapy method to get rid of fears and phobias for good.

Fear is a natural, even vital feeling that warns or protects our body. The fear of touching or not touching a hot stove is justified and well-founded. Because it hurts and endangers the body because of possible burns on the fingers. A phobia, on the other hand, is an anxiety disorder. It usually triggers an exaggerated fear. Many animal phobias, for example, are irrational and unfounded. As an example: We here in Central Europe do not need to have a panic fear of spiders, because our native species are not or hardly poisonous.

Exaggerated fear and morbid fear has nothing to do with the actual danger or a warning device of the body.

On a certain level, everyone knows that one was not born with one’s phobia, but that one has acquired it. Be it through experiences, education or inner imagination, fantasy and more. And everything that you have acquired through your own experiences mentally or in real life and through regularly recurring anxiety and phobic reactions, you can also get rid of. Therefore, use hypnosis to get rid of your phobia.

The different types of phobias:

The list of phobias is very long. On the Internet, circulate a variety of even alphabetically ordered fear lists. I will limit myself here to a list of the most common phobias and fears, which I encounter almost daily in my practice:

  • The most common phobia is fear of places and situations where, if sudden panic symptoms occur, there is no escape. Or no help is available. A fear of going to public places develops. Finally, one hardly ventures out of the home. (Agoraphobia)
  • Fear of flying, fear of flying is the second most common disorder. 15% of people are afraid of flying and prefer to take the car or train. (Aerophobia)
  • The fear of spiders (arachnophobia). It is common in women, but also occurs in 10 percent of all men. (Other animals can also cause phobias).
  • The fear of closed or confined spaces. (Claustrophobia)
  • The fear of heights or heights. (Acrophobia)
  • The fear of vomiting. (Emetophobia)
  • The fear of cancer. (Carcinophobia)
  • The fear of dead things or death. (Necrophobia)
  • And last but not least, the social phobias: for example, the fear of being negatively evaluated in the social environment.

What happens during a phobic reaction:

You have heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, mouth goes dry. Nausea and numbness may occur, abdominal pain, digestive problems, visual disturbances or shortness of breath and other similar symptoms may develop.

One is helplessly at the mercy of anxiety. Why? Fears are activated in the subconscious mind and cannot be controlled consciously. Even if the conscious mind knows that a small spider cannot endanger our body, a feeling of fear or even a panic reaction occurs in the body.

The good news is that these disproportionate fears can be easily reduced to a natural level or even eliminated altogether through hypnosis. Look forward to it!

Your self-esteem will also be strengthened, as you will once again be the master of your body and behavior.
As I said, the causes and triggers of phobias are many and varied: people, environmental stimuli, situations, animals and much more.

You may ask yourself, how do I get rid of my fear or phobia?

The appropriate phobia hypnosis supports you once and for all to eliminate the unwanted phobia from your life. This on an unconscious level. That is, exactly where your phobic behavior occurs.

Therefore, this is how I usually proceed with phobia hypnosis: after describing your concern and your desire how you want to behave or react in the future, together we initiate a new pattern of thinking and behavior. The solution is in the foreground. A good and complete treatment of the phobia is possible. Often a stressful life event is the reason, but the cause can also remain unknown. I guide you and you go into a trance. You learn to understand the fear and your subconscious shows you new ways. The anxiety disorder is reprogrammed. New behavior is possible. A new experience takes place. First in the world of thoughts and later unconsciously and fully automatically also in the real world. Something in you causes your future behavior to be more optimal and no longer phobic.

Thanks to hypnosis, we then anchor this new, more optimal behavior on an unconscious level and the old phobic behavior no longer takes place.

So there are solutions and possibilities for change: Phobia Hypnosis

You are no longer helpless in the future to your sudden fears and phobias. Whether it is an animal phobia, a visit to the dentist, a fear of leaving the house or any of the other numerous phobias that people can suffer from, hypnosis can help you. It is worth using hypnotherapy as a tool for change and success. And especially to use it for yourself now!

I would be happy to welcome you in my practice in Zurich to introduce you to hypnosis and its possibilities for change work and optimization thanks to hypnosis.

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Get rid of phobia with hypnosis