Effectively, quickly, in the long term stop smoking!

It is good to know that hypnosis can help in getting rid of unwanted habits effectively, quickly and in the long term. This is also the case with smoking.

The advantage of hypnosis is that there is no stress or feeling that you have to force yourself to do something. No inner voices or inner dialogues telling you how to behave or what to do.

On the contrary, a process is stimulated, in harmony with one’s own needs and new ways are shown and integrated at the same time. Ways of success! The inner pig, obsessive thoughts and self-doubt are silenced, fully automatically.

I am convinced that you have already made one or two attempts, more or less successfully, to reduce smoking or even to stop smoking altogether. It is not important to know what factors played a role that it has not yet succeeded optimally. Sooner or later you will be able to go through life smoke-free, if that is your wish.

The prerequisite is the desire to change. It is of no use to stop smoking because others say so or demand it of you. You must be willing to quit smoking. Then a “smoke-free” hypnosis can be the crucial link on the path of success, which you have been missing until now, to definitely stop smoking.

What happens when you smoke

Tobacco contains sugar. When inhaled, it is added to the body in the fastest and most effective way. That is, via the lungs into the oxygen and into the blood. From the lungs the blood, or more precisely the sugar, is transported directly to the brain, because our brain needs oxygen and sugar. Receptors in the brain register this process and program your organism how easy it is: fastest and most effective way for my brain to get sugar/energy: Smoking.

At the same time, many go out to smoke or away from the workplace. That is, get away from stress and relax for a few minutes. Sure your body loves that and your mind craves to do that over and over again.

Hypnosis can give your body back its self-determination. Self-control of your life as you want it is possible again. New possibilities are revealed, positive reprogramming in accordance with your true needs and your unconscious is integrated. Without withdrawal symptoms, as the process takes place within you and in harmonization with the crucial parts of your subconscious.

Hypnosis Smoking

Hypnosis can help to become and stay smoke free without daily compulsion, stress, deprivation and doubt. Individual solutions are created within you and are fully automatic and integrated into your daily life.

Becoming a non-smoker through smoke-free hypnosis is so effective because with hypnosis as an ally, you can retrieve and activate new resources from your subconscious.

American universities published a study in 2001 that showed that over 86% of the participants remained permanent non-smokers through non-smoking hypnosis.

According to one of the largest scientific comparisons ever made, hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking.
In over 600 studies involving 72,000 people from Europe and America, the various methods of quitting smoking were compared. On average, hypnosis was three times more effective than other nicotine replacement methods and 15 times more effective than attempts to quit on their own.

There are many types of smoking. Smoking can affect your whole life, it can even affect your behavior. It is high time to choose for yourself: To become smoke free with hypnosis.

Hypnosis Stop Smoking Experience

Regarding smoking and hypnosis smoking cessation I have experienced a variety of exciting stories. One in particular stands out. A few years ago I was traveling in Peru for several weeks with the goal of visiting Machu Picchu and later Bolivia. In a hostel (hostel) in the evening at the bar met many travelers from all over the world. We were a colorful group from many different countries. USA, Germany, France, Italy and more were represented. There was a lot of laughing and talking. Some English people were interested in hypnosis and wanted to know how to stop smoking. I instructed them to do some mental hypnotic exercises to stop smoking. Exercises that I also show and directly apply in my seminars. There was also a young lady from Germany who listened very attentively. She stayed in the background and she seemed to absorb all that was said. I did not know then that we would meet again.

A few weeks later

I was traveling near Bolivia on an island of Lake Titicaca. It was called the Island of the Sun. It was a day trip with my travel partner and we were happily exploring the island. When suddenly from far away a voice called to me. I don’t know if you know this. But when you are on the other side of the world on a relatively lonely and uninhabited island. And then to hear someone calling your name from far away, it seems kind of eerie. I didn’t know anyone in that part of the world. When the voice and especially the young lady came closer, it was relatively quickly clear to me who it was. The one from the bar, who had listened so well to my explanations of how hypnosis works. She was also attentive during the small hypnotic exercises.

The joy of the reunion was great. With big and joyful sparkling eyes she told me that she had not smoked since that evening. And she felt good about it, no withdrawal symptoms. She was mighty proud of herself. Especially since she only now explained to me that she had been a chain smoker and was almost in despair because she was worried that she would never be able to stop smoking. She thanked me very much.

Even I am always surprised how quickly and effectively hypnosis can work. Even if it is not directly addressed to someone, it works as soon as someone is open to it. She simply picked up and implemented what helped her. That which was important and right for her.

Smoke free through hypnosis is a process

I also once had a lady come to my office to quit smoking. She also immediately scheduled a follow-up appointment a week later to make sure it really worked. After three days, she called to cancel the appointment. She was still smoking and the hypnosis had done nothing. A few weeks later I heard from her again. She had now stopped smoking on her own for a few weeks.

What many may not know is that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a process. It’s not like you can change something with a snap of your fingers like you do with stage and show hypnosis. It is a process that sometimes is immediately noticeable and sometimes just a few days later leads to success. Which was certainly the case with this lady.

I have also had other clients who did not need the follow-up session because they were non-smokers forever after the first session.

Interested in quitting smoking.

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