Hypnosis against fear of flying

Fear of flying is said to be the second most common anxiety disorder. About 15% of people have a fear of flying and prefer to take the car, train or otherwise avoid flying. So fear of flying, also called aerophobia, is relatively widespread. What many of these sufferers don’t know is that hypnosis (and usually just one hypnosis session) can quickly and effectively help with the fear of flying, getting rid of this fear for good.

Vacations, vacation and traveling could be so nice. – If only there wasn’t this fear of flying.

You might know the feeling: being helpless as soon as the doors of the plane are closed. An inner uneasy feeling spreads. Sweating hands, increased heartbeat, rapidly circling thoughts and other similar symptoms. There are people who suffer from severe fear of flying and others who only have mild symptoms. Some have the fear and panic only in the air, others already at home when booking an airline ticket, and still others when entering the airport building. An anti-anxiety hypnosis can really help you to get rid of the fear of flying.

As I said, for many the uncomfortable feeling does not start on the plane itself, but already before. Be it at the check-in, in the waiting lounge, at the security check or already at home when planning or booking the flight.

The idea of having no ground underneath you, being trapped, helplessly at the mercy, having no escape, the confinement and more, can trigger your fear of flying. Hollywood movies or horror stories in the news about plane crashes can also fuel your mind and increase your anxiety. There are countless possible causes, be it in the air such as noises and shaking, bad air, the tightness in the seats, behavior of other people, etc. But the good thing is, you don’t even need to know the cause of your fear of flying. Because in order to get rid of it once and for all, hypnosis can help you optimize the appropriate inner processes so that you can stay relaxed and free of fear.

Get rid of fear of flying with hypnosis

There are people who enjoy flying and are relaxed about it. People who are happy to fly. What do these passengers do differently than those who have a fear of flying?

Quite simply: Their expectations and their inner thoughts, images and inner processes are different or run differently. Most people think that this cannot be controlled or simply changed. But you can! In hypnosis you work with your imagination, with inner thoughts, images and feelings. These normally work subconsciously and fully automatically. Exactly there one can place desired changes and optimizations in the trance condition, which then in future moments, with which earlier the old behavior ran off, the new takes place: Serenity, inner peace, etc.

Especially the fear of flying is an unconsciously constructed phobia. An overreaction of the body takes place. And nowadays phobias can be got rid of relatively quickly and skillfully. The fastest and most effective way is hypnosis.

Anti Fear of Flying Hypnosis

With usually one or a few hypnosis sessions, the problem of fear of flying is relatively easy and quick to get rid of. This does not mean that you simply get into the next unmaintained jungle plane, where the pilot may not make the most trusting impression either. No, the point is that you can make your scheduled or alpine flight relatively relaxed. And from the feeling this in a comfort zone, which you wish.

That is, we discuss beforehand how you want this to be and then I lead you into a trance, a hypnotic state. In front of your inner eyes you experience and experience how you want it to be. For example, serenity instead of fear or similar. A realization of this wish in a hypnotic way takes place. Because imagination creates reality. In the future, your unconsciously running inner programs of fear or panic and your unfavorable behavior will no longer display the usual fearful thoughts and panic-like behavior, but a new inner experience will be integrated: Serenity instead of stress, inner calm instead of panic and/or the like.

Fear of flying hypnosis works…

I will be happy to guide you to really relatively quickly and effectively get rid of these inner, unpleasant inner processes of fear. Mental calmness instead of stress already at the check-in and even more so during the flight itself, when the doors are closed. That should be your minimum requirement!

How would it be for you if you then sink into a serene state into an inspiring self-hypnosis or trance and arrive relaxed and refreshed at the desired destination. Possibly also enjoyed the board cuisine or the one or other film or entertainment quietly and relaxed during the flight could enjoy. Imagine that your vacation already starts at the airport. Calm, serene, relaxing. Fear, that was in the past!

It is best to book an Anti Fear of Flying Hypnosis session with me well in advance of your next flight.

Anti Fear of Flying Hypnosis Session

As you can imagine, there are people who book an appointment with me shortly before their departure because of their fear of flying. Of course, it would be more optimal to do this a little ahead of time and not at the last minute.

There was this young man a few months ago who was about to cancel his flight a few days before departure. He contacted me about his panic fear of flying. Fortunately, I had an appointment for him at short notice before his departure. He had booked a long haul flight to Thailand and his fear of flying was getting worse every day as the departure date approached. The first 20 minutes we discussed what exactly the problem was and how this fear manifested itself in him. We also discussed what he would rather experience while flying. His answer was clear: I want to be as cool and routine as all the business people who fly almost every day, sitting there, reading the newspaper or busy with their laptop. That’s how I want to feel. No sooner said than done, in the following 30 minutes of hypnosis we optimized the corresponding feelings. We reprogrammed inner unfavorable processes. And that better feelings and thoughts manifest in the moments of the flight. And indeed, his earlier panic was thus already gone after this one session. And he could now finally look forward to this flight and his vacation in Thailand. A small side effect: His fear of boat trips (where he was also emotionally helplessly locked up and at the mercy of others) had also disappeared as he told me later after his trip.

Use the hypnosis also for yourself. Book your Anti Fear of Flying Hypnosis session early in my hypnosis practice in Zurich.

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Get rid of fear of flying with hypnosis