One or two-sided perceptible is there an additional sound

Mostly a sound is perceived without an external sound source can be assigned

The types of this sound perception are versatile: A humming or whistling sound, a hissing, also a knocking or cracking are possible. Pulsating or constant.

Hypnosis offers a good possibility of relief. Hypnosis stimulates a decrease or a complete cessation.

According to studies, about 25% of the population in industrialized countries will be affected by tinnitus in the course of their lives. The number of those affected is even said to be increasing.

An overstimulation of the auditory system has taken place. Tinnitus can occur as a disease in its own right or as a symptom of another concern or disease. (Tinnitus should not be confused with auditory hallucination).

Tinnitus hypnosis can help

Possible Causes:

  • Disease of the ear
  • Bang trauma
  • Inflammations
  • Foreign body in the auditory canal
  • Hearing loss
  • Vascular malformations
  • Diving accident
  • And some more

It is therefore a phenomenon with numerous possible causes. Sometimes it is not possible to determine the exact cause. And yet, treatment is possible.

You know, there is a disorder of the hearing function. Hearing loss and hearing damage can occur. The important thing now is to solve the problem.

Tinnitus Hypnosis

Through an interaction between your body and your psyche, the problem has arisen and can therefore be solved again. In one or more hypnosis sessions, the stimulation of a nervous relief will take place by changing your brain wave frequency. This is ultimately important for long-term healing. In addition, a door is opened to the uncovering of the problem, a solution can be brought about. Your psyche is in resonance with your soul and your body’s concern to get rid of the tinnitus. Unconscious abilities and self-healing powers are also activated in a tinnitus hypnosis.

Allow hypnosis to do you a service

I had a client in my office. Actually, he was with me for another issue. Rather casually, he explained to me that he had had tinnitus in his ears for quite a few years. In one ear stronger than in the other. In his military time, as a young adult, he had apparently suffered a bang trauma, as he further told me. That was just the way it was, nothing could be done about it and he had come to terms with it. I explained to him that one could very well do something about it. He was immediately interested and wanted to learn more and wanted to try tinnitus hypnosis. And indeed, a weakening, with time even a complete disappearance of the tinnitus was possible. He himself was already 60 years old and had not believed that after 40 years he could have an influence on this suffering that he had carried around with him all these years.

Amazing success and a complete recovery are possible.

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Tinnitus – treat with hypnosis