Get rid of teeth grinding with hypnosis

Many people practice teeth grinding, especially at night. They clench their teeth or make a grinding motion. This often happens unconsciously. Of course, this can have bad consequences regarding the teeth and the jaw. In addition, the supporting apparatus of the teeth and the temporomandibular joint can also suffer. It comes to unwanted and later painful tooth wear. In particular, it can also occur that the muscles then hurt more often in the morning. Headaches may occur, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may develop and more. Some sufferers also experience visual disturbances, nausea and jaw pain.

Hypnosis against bruxism – teeth grinding hypnosis

Constant grinding of teeth, which mostly occurs during sleep, is called bruxism in technical language. It is usually performed unconsciously.

It is important to know: What are the causes?

Most often, the causes of teeth grinding are some kind of internal stress. That is, the cause is usually psychological. Of course, occasionally the causes can be physical: crowns that don’t quite fit or other dental problems. Such as bad fillings in the teeth or an unfavorable jaw misalignment.

However, not being able to cope with stress during the day is certainly the most common cause of teeth grinding at night. The stress is finally unconsciously compensated by teeth grinding and thereby somehow also unconsciously relieved. Suppressed emotions or suppressed anger, or just as I said permanent stress, sadness and anger can cause the teeth grinding of the night.

This is certainly where the term comes from: you just have to clench your teeth… Which means nothing else than, there is something stressful, something unpleasant, something suppressed and you have to go through it with your mouth clenched. Without you addressing or speaking out or tackling the problem.

That’s not really good for you, so you should act early.

Before it becomes a permanent problem, act now!

It is best to book a hypnosis appointment now and get help immediately. Just get rid of this useless, unconscious teeth grinding.

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Before it leads to jaw or tooth damage or even worse consequences, do something about it. Pay attention to whether you have frequent headaches in the morning. Or even waking up un-refreshed in the morning can be the first signs that something is wrong and you may be a teeth grinder. You may also want to contact your dentist about this. A mouth guard or a splint in the mouth at night can also be a short-term, temporary help.

However, in order to get rid of teeth grinding once and for all, it is best to undergo therapy or hypnosis.

One or a few hypnosis sessions are usually sufficient for the teeth grinding problem.

I myself was introduced to the phenomenon of teeth grinding late in my life. Once I had a new girlfriend. We got along great, got closer as well. I didn’t know that she suffered from teeth grinding at night. It was only when we started spending the night together after a while that I noticed that she put a splint or some kind of mouth guard in her mouth every night. She explained to me that her dentist had prescribed them for her, that otherwise she would grind her teeth down during the night and damage would occur to her teeth. For me, a typical example of a solution without getting to the bottom of the causes. I explained to her, as described here on this page, that this is an unconscious nightly inner process and that there are other solutions. Namely, to get rid of teeth grinding by means of hypnosis and thus not to have to wear a splint at night anymore…

Choose your right form of therapy: teeth grinding hypnosis

The problem seems to be in the psyche. And hypnosis is a direct way to psyche. So it is obvious to use hypnosis. It is also important that you also choose a therapy that involves the cause, even if it is unconscious and may not yet be clear to you. Hypnosis is also an optimal tool for this purpose.

Hypnosis can uncover repressed feelings, repressed emotions in you. Also unresolved experiences or repressed problems. Because teeth grinding mostly occurs at night in a relaxed state, i.e. similar to a hypnotic state, namely sleep and dreaming, it makes perfect sense to get rid of teeth grinding with hypnosis. This is because hypnosis is nothing more than a sleep-like state. In the state of trance your subconscious mind is more active and accessible than it is in the full awake state. Skillful professional hypnotherapy for teeth grinding has already been the most pleasant and quickest solution for many people.

You can also uncover and address unconsciously unprocessed issues. This is so that harmony and a positive resonance in your body, mind and sleep can be realized again. And you no longer grind your teeth at night.

In short: In a rather direct way, hypnosis can show you what the causes and problems are. Whether consciously or unconsciously. And finally, afterwards, hypnosis can help you deal with the stress internally in a different way than teeth grinding. Your teeth grinding will disappear.

Hypnosis helps with teeth grinding

Use the possibility of hypnosis to get rid of teeth grinding (bruxism) effectively and permanently, i.e. in the long term, once and for all.

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Anti-teeth grinding hypnosis