Lose weight with hypnosis

  • Dissatisfied with your own weight?
  • You have tried many things and it has not worked yet?
  • Losing weight in a healthy way is a big topic nowadays.
  • Losing weight with hypnosis is an option that more and more people are discovering and using for themselves.

A hypnosis coaching or directly a hypnosis session can activate the right behaviors and help to get rid of unpopular pounds.

Every physical change starts with an inner, mental change

A major cause of obesity:

Our bodies haven’t changed much since caveman days. Our lives, on the other hand, have. Our bodies are constantly storing fat in preparation for the next famine. The motto is to build up fat reserves for emergencies. In our modern times, however, we no longer need such fat reserves. After all, we usually have enough food available at all times. Advertising and our less than optimal food supply (sugar, fat, etc.) also make it difficult for us to maintain a bikini figure throughout our lives.

In other words, exercise and sports in combination with appropriate food intake are important to burn fat. On average, 1 pound of muscle burns 40 calories per day and this is just for maintenance. Additional calories are burned when muscles are active. People who use or even build active muscles consequently burn more unwanted fat. The body has no other option than to burn and get rid of this accumulated fat.

Lose weight thanks to hypnosis

It is necessary to find a way to communicate with the body. So that we can fully automatically run and internalize more optimal internal processes. Hypnosis offers itself for this.

Find out what is behind it when you let your insulin level shoot up for a short time through excessive eating or bingeing. This is just to feel happy for a while. Your body can find alternatives on its own and is happy to reach its healthy ideal weight.

Thanks to hypnosis, you can succeed in establishing access to your subconscious. That is where your fully automatic behavior patterns are anchored. And there you can also start to improve the situation. You can throw your inner pig overboard and activate new healthy and vital strategies in yourself: healthy and vital food plus exercise. And you eat thus in the masses, as it is good for you.

Live the right everyday hypnosis

You can also activate the motivation in you to call regular exercise or sports into your life again. So that it is not a must, but something that you like to do and is good for you. Something that you live and that you are. Not because it’s in the newspaper or in any magazines or guidebooks, you should do it. Or even not because a fitness trainer or your social environment tells you to, but because you feel the inner drive, an inner motivation within you to do your sport or type of exercise. And on the basis of hypnosis you can activate exactly this inner drive. That is, you can activate this inner motivation and maintain it in the long term.

However, problem number one for almost everyone is the fully automatic implementation

A persistent struggle with your own weight can often be the cause because of other problems in your life: Health, self-worth, exercise, and many other physical and emotional obstacles can occur. It is important to start controlling your weight on a mental level as well. That is, in your psyche and especially in your internal processes and, of course, in your fully automatic habits that you have.

The knowledge is there. However, integrating it into your daily life is usually difficult. Overcoming the inner pig and bad eating habits often stand in the way.

Hypnosis may be able to offer you the options you have been looking for. It is about stimulating your subconscious with hypnosis. This is to do intuitively and by itself the right thing, respectively to eat and to move more. This is the key to success. In a light trance you will find new strategies to avoid eating attacks and ravenous hunger, fully automatically and for your own good. This usually without the belief of having to give up anything.

In a slimming hypnosis or also a self-hypnosis initiated by you, you will be offered new strategies to get closer to your ideal weight. And thus to intuitively eat healthier and more vital and at the same time enjoy life. The belief of having to do without something can be replaced by something more optimal.

Hypnosis lose weight, it’s a process

It is not in hypnosis that I, as a hypnosis therapist, snap my fingers and everything is fine or the way you want it. It is a process on the way to optimization. Therefore, hypnosis can probably be described more as a process which is stimulated. This process optimizes your behavior, your cravings and eventually your desire for healthy, vital food. Your need for exercise can also be strengthened.

Start losing weight in hypnosis right now:

A first simple right now self- hypnosis exercise. You want to lose weight and you already know what your goal is, then do the following as a first step in the right direction:

Assume that you have already reached your goal. Imagine that now for a few minutes really, you would have already reached the goal. X kilos or pounds less. Imagine further that you could contact your future self. And put her or him, who has already achieved the goal of losing weight, in front of you. And then further imagine they could enter into your future self, which has already achieved the goal. Imagine further that you would now become this person, namely your future self with his/her ideal weight. You are now X kilos lighter. If you want, you can close your eyes while doing this and really feel yourself into how that feels.

Hypnosis is using your imagination

Continue to imagine that you have reached your weight loss goal and you are now your own future self: how does it feel? How does the physique feel? How your musculature as the person who has already achieved the goal? How do you perceive the energy system of your future self? Does it feel different from yours today? And imagine how your lean future self moves while you are in her/his body. How does she/he think? How does she/he laugh. How much energy is there? What thoughts are there? How does he/she deal with challenges? Or with problems? How does he/she move? How is this future self perceived by others? How does it feel to have achieved the weight loss goal? And so on.

It is a matter of building up a relationship in you, in your imagination, to this future ego and to dovetail and identify more and more with this optimum. And finally to really become her/him in a certain future. Take your time and enjoy this process. Imagine how you are your future self in certain everyday situations etc. How does that feel? How does it feel? What do you look like? What do you hear? What do you taste? And so on…

Enjoy how it feels to have already reached your goal. This way you activate an intrinsic motivation in yourself. Your subconscious loves it and connects more and more with the possibility that this will become the reality. A kind of self-hypnosis, if you do this simple exercise every now and then in front of your inner eye.

Hypnosis lose weight

Try it out or book an appointment directly with me in my practice in Zurich, so that I can help you with the appropriate professional hypnosis on the subject of losing weight and take the first decisive steps.

On the subject of losing weight with hypnosis and self-hypnosis I offer a course. This course might also be interesting for you: SEMINAR LOSE WEIGHT WITH SELF-HYPNOSIS (in German)

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Lose weight with hypnosis