Hypnosis against panic and panic attacks

Approximately 4% of the population suffers from panic disorders. They are usually unpredictable attacks of panic. Heart racing, sweating, anxiety, even fear of death and going crazy can accompany such an attack. Fear of being in public can also occur. Or the fear of certain situations in which the panic has already occurred once. The affected people often do not go to a doctor or they seek help almost too late. This is because they do not know that they have an illness. A disease that can and must be treated. Especially in order to exclude further consequential damages.

Using hypnosis to get rid of panic and unnecessary panic attacks

More and more people discover hypnosis as the help to get rid of their panic attacks. Many people also get so-called minor panic attacks. That is, not as an illness, but as a kind of malaise or panic attack in certain situations. A feeling of being at the mercy of others, loss of energy or not being able to control oneself and one’s emotions spreads. Panic arises. This then subsides only slowly, if at all. Since panic is primarily an inner process within you, it makes sense to start exactly there, inside you. This for example with hypnosis. That means to get help there: in your inner, unconscious processes, where the panic also arises. Hypnosis and also self-hypnosis can start exactly there: namely in your inner processes and procedures and your unconscious behavior.

Let hypnosis help you

Without being able to control this panic, sufferers are at the mercy of unforeseen panic attacks. Even the fear itself of the occurrence of this fear is paralyzing and can greatly affect your quality of life. This impairment of the sufferer’s quality of life can lead to social withdrawal, unusual behavior, and even pathological behavior and actions. Alleviation of panic behavior or even the complete subsiding and disappearance of panic should be the solution that is ultimately sought.

Become thanks of hypnosis panic attacks free

The effectiveness of one or more hypnotherapeutic sessions is amazing. Especially in the case of fears and panic.

Fears are basic human feelings. Therefore, they are completely normal. They warn people of threat or danger. However, if the fear is pathological, it no longer warns of a real threat. A mental disorder can develop, which can also affect various bodily and vital functions:

  • Sleep quality
  • social behavior
  • cardiovascular function
  • gastrointestinal function
  • Reduction of concentration
  • Decreased memory performance
  • Unnatural sweating
  • Increased blood flow to extremities
  • Increased pulse

Quality of life is thus greatly reduced or even limited, especially if your panic attacks become rampant or uncontrollable.

This panic behavior is a cry for help from your body!

The reasons for the occurrence are versatile and individually different. To name a few:

  • Childhood events
  • Unconscious conflicts
  • Reaction to overload

A defense mechanism has emerged: The panic/panic behavior. It is therefore important to get to the bottom of the causes and strive for inner solutions.

Good news is: conditioned and uncontrolled fears can be re-conditioned by means of hypnosis and can be directed back into normal channels.

Disempowering panic and fears with hypnosis

Hypnosis can support and help especially with fears, because fears are based on feelings. In a trance, inner processes that were previously fully automatic are reorganized, i.e. subjected to a reality check. The fear-triggering information in the body is given a reality connection again. Your subconscious processes are offered a new option of your behavior. This means that the stimuli of the body run biochemically in an orderly manner again and in the correct strengths. Consequently, normal anxiety behavior is possible again. The misplaced panic can subside and your daily behavior can return to normal.

The development and maintenance of the old panic fear is deprived of the fully automatic inner programs. As a result, the old, unwanted panic or anxiety system within you can no longer be called up. A new more natural fear and panic behavior manifests within you. This means that your ability to have panic and panic attacks is not erased, but only reprogrammed so that the panic unfolds when it is really appropriate.

Panic-free in everyday life, the rest of your life

In one or more hypnosis sessions, your goal should be just that: panic-free in everyday life.

An example: I recently had a lady in my practice who was suffering from panic attacks. When she came to me, I did not know what the problem was. I always have clients who come in for a hypnosis session but are not sure about hypnosis yet. Most clients first want to know how such a session works and first gain confidence in hypnosis. This was also the case with this lady. After the greeting and a short exchange of information, I explained what hypnosis is, can and cannot do. Slowly she built confidence and realized that therapeutic hypnosis is definitely something for her that could help her regarding her panic attacks.

After a first hypnotic exercise, which fascinated her, she had now gained enough confidence. She explained to me that she had such and such kind of panic attacks. And especially when there are several people around her. Also in confined spaces and the like. But especially on the bus and on the streetcar. She could sometimes only ride one stop and then have to get off again because of her panic. These panic attacks made her quality of life incredibly difficult.

Already after the first hypnosis session she succeeded in reducing her panic behavior.

And already after the second session a few days later she was able to ride buses and streetcars again, just like everyone of us does and can do. Also the related similar panic behaviors of her were able to subside with time. She was also able to get her emotions, feelings and fears back to normal. During her last visit with me, which was also some time ago, she confirmed to me that she was back in life with joy and energy and had everything under control. She had never thought that it would be possible so quickly and effectively to carry out this positive transformation process, which she was able to implement so quickly thanks to hypnosis. Using hypnosis to fight and reduce panic, one of the most effective tools, which could soon increase your quality of life again.

Hypnosis panic attacks:

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