Hypnosis alone may not cure cancer directly, but hypnosis can be primarily supportive. Hypnosis can also go where medicine cannot go directly: In our spiritual interior and mental. Among other things, in your inner beliefs and belief systems, and in the inner perception Especially also on an unconscious level, where you otherwise have no access to it. Inner healing forces can be contacted, blockages and fears can be removed and optimization can be initiated. This can then also manifest itself on a physical level.

For example, using hypnosis to strengthen your immune system can be a first step. Or strengthen your defenses. Relieve your pain. Put new thoughts in your head that support healing. Give you new feelings that promote health. Or even revise old thought patterns and jettison unwanted things and more. Hypnosis can do all of this and thus enhance healing powers.

And maybe this is exactly the decisive factor which helps you now to take the step towards recovery and healing.

Using hypnosis for cancer healing

Basically, all those who have experienced a cure from one of the many cancers have not only sought medical help, but have also changed their thought patterns. Changed their inner perception about things, things they have already experienced or about life in general. That is, their attitude towards certain topics or their behavior and daily routines have changed to finally counteract the cancer. How did they manage to do this? How can anyone accomplish this: Through hypnosis and self-hypnosis, for example. You can change inner thought and behavior patterns by means of hypnosis.

It is no longer a secret that hypnosis can help and support. Meanwhile, more and more recognized and proven by medicine. So to speak, everyone who has experienced a cure for cancer, has not only used the medical way, no also changed his inner attitude or behavior or habits. By reprogramming or a change process of the own behavior also a change of the physis and/or the body occurs. With one or the other immediately, with others it needs a certain time.

Hypnosis cancer cure

Hypnosis should not be seen and used as a cure, but in my opinion rather as a companion. To feel better and to activate healing powers. To deal better with fears and pain. Finally, to have a new vision, new goals, so that healing can be possible in the best possible way as soon as possible.

I will be happy to help you find the right cancer hypnosis or self-hypnosis strategies towards the improvement or recovery you desire. Regularly in my practice and in my seminars are people who are looking for and find exactly that. A tool with which they can approach and optimize their quality of life and health aspects. First in individual sessions stimulated by hypnosis to fight cancer, reduce or bring to recovery. Later you can then independently, on their own, even fully automatically possibly even hypnotically initiate the changes that lead to the goal.

How can hypnosis influence cancer

There are a variety of cancers, or more precisely, manifestations of malignant tissue formation: Breast cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, brain tumors and brain metastases, testicular cancer, bone cancer, cancer in children, lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, and some more.

There are also many types of approaches and depths in hypnosis. Tailored to your needs, we can find the appropriate hypnotic trance to optimize and advance your quality of life and recovery step by step.

Often an inner conflict is the cause of cancer in most adults. Be it something one went through or experienced in childhood, or even something experienced more recently. This inner conflict affects us unconsciously. It weakens the immune system and promotes the development of cancer. Many do not even know that there is a conflict at work in them. Others are well aware of it, but cannot do anything about it until now. An inner process is needed to clean up the situation. That is, to reduce this conflict. To tackle this unconscious conflict makes sense. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a tool to act quickly and effectively. This can be followed by a strengthening of the self-healing powers and the initiation of a new quality of life.

Using hypnosis as a support

Even after an operation or chemotherapy and the like, it is recommended to be and remain free of fear. To be and remain convinced that the healing process will work optimally and that nothing will come back or remain behind. This is mainly a mental thing. Moreover, a very big mental thing, because our social environment, the media and more do not always deal with the topic of cancer in the best possible way. It makes sense to be supported skillfully now, to accept help, to learn new mental tools and to be able to use them effectively right away. Possibly also to change certain old, unfavorable behavioral patterns in yourself and above all to learn how to do that, so that in the long run it stays the way you want it. The motto is to build a normal and valuable life with confidence and self-assurance.

Hypnosis is a good tool for this. More and more people realize that they also have to change something mentally, i.e. inside, and want to do so. Therefore it is obvious to use hypnosis, which deals on a deeper level with the mind and our unconscious. Be it through some hypnosis sessions or by attending a suitable seminar. Knowing how hypnosis works, what it can do and how you can use hypnosis for yourself and for your purposes in the long run can be one of the most valuable decisions of your life.

Hypnosis Cancer: Epigenetics against Cancer

For those who think it’s my genes and I can’t do anything about it, it’s just the way it is, inherited; this paragraph is dedicated to them. I recommend you to deal with the new science of epigenetics. This is a branch of biology that investigates the possibility of what can influence the genes or whether everything is fixed. The good news right here: You can influence genes, and you’ve been doing it your whole life. Intentionally doing this purposefully can be achieved with hypnosis and self-hypnosis. You can find many good, science-based posts on epigenetics in YouTube. A doctor Bruce Lipton (his contributions in YouTube are also partly translated into German) to name just one, has been successfully dealing with this for years. He has already proven years ago that one can change genes, also his own. Among other things with hypnosis. An exciting topic.

As said, this is possible among other things on the basis of hypnosis or self-hypnosis. So it is not right to say my genes are to blame, I can’t do anything about it. The truth is through your thinking, your feelings and inner perception you change your genes continuously. Use this knowledge. Also in the challenge to get rid of cancer and cancerous diseases and especially to stimulate your healing.

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