Use hypnosis against claustrophobia

Not only narrow spaces, even when many people gather together, it can be a pain for some people. Possibly also lead directly to a real anxiety attack. Yes, even to panic. It usually starts with an uneasy feeling and then spreads further and becomes a real problem. Hands wet with sweat, cold sweat of fear, palpitations, inner thoughts and panic images and the like are triggered by your own body more and more without you being able to control it. And it spreads then fast on the whole body, this uneasy feeling. Every cell of the body screams only I have to get out of here, I have to get out of here! I need space! Panic spreads. And every thought and input from outside only increases the uneasy feeling.

Causes of claustrophobia

Claustrophobia can erupt for a variety of reasons. Sometimes crowded trains, buses, movie theaters, airplanes, elevators and the like are enough. Yes, even tight clothes can trigger claustrophobia. It is not always conscious experiences from the past that one remembers. The cause of claustrophobia can also be hidden in the unconscious. And you do not know why you have been carrying this claustrophobia around with you for almost a lifetime. There are also cases where claustrophobia has never been an issue in one’s life and it has only recently appeared. Here, too, it can be useful to find out the reasons and get rid of the inappropriate, exaggerated claustrophobia once and for all.

Thanks to hypnosis it is possible to find the cause of this inappropriate claustrophobia more and more often. Because in hypnosis or even in a light trance it is more possible to deal with the unconscious processes in one and to deal with them. This is because our analytical mind is not quite as active as it is in full waking consciousness. And what’s even better, at this unconscious level within you, you can initiate and make changes and optimizations thanks to hypnosis. And that should be the goal.

Therefore, you also use hypnosis now regarding your concern. The best thing to do right now is to book an appointment conveniently online in my practice in Zurich.

With claustrophobia hypnosis you can address the problem

You can give your body, or more precisely your unconscious behavior, a new option to react more optimally in the future. An inner strategy of staying relaxed and cool, for example, instead of the usual anxiety in tight spaces or cramped situations. Serenity instead of stress. Calmness instead of panic.

For people where the cause is known and a phobic or specific incident in youth, as a child or some time ago is the cause, in claustrophobia hypnosis the emotional connection to these past experiences can be drained of energy. That is, this fear and your previous fully automatic behavior is deprived of the energy to manifest. Also the emotional basis can be withdrawn. Generally speaking the fear is deprived of its breeding ground. Thus the previous panic-like behavior is no longer possible. After the hypnotic process to the new optimal behavior, we go through together mentally the moments in which you would have had claustrophobia before. And you discover and create for yourself a new behavior and also a new feeling. For example, serenity and focus instead of panic.

In claustrophobia hypnosis new behavior patterns are stimulated – hypnosis claustrophobia

You experience new possibilities of your behavior and your subconscious realizes that the previous overreaction in this previous form is so not necessary.

Until now, it was probably mostly the case that your body and your feelings simply did that to you in certain situations and you could not control it. Therefore, a possible, quick and effective solution for you now is to use hypnosis skillfully. Step by step I will show you and you will experience how to get rid of claustrophobia once and for all. A “normal” reaction will be possible again.

This is what science says about claustrophobia or claustrophobia

Wikipedia says that claustrophobia is also called claustrophobia and is an anxiety disorder. Sufferers have a fear of being locked in, either actually or just as they feel. Locked doors or narrow rooms and the like cause panic in those affected, sweating to the point of hyperventilating. It is estimated that 7% of the population suffer from claustrophobia or claustrophobia.

In my practice I can confirm this. Exaggerated claustrophobia happens again and again. And with hypnosis you can get rid of it relatively easily and quickly.

Hypnosis can also have a preventive effect – hypnosis claustrophobia

A year ago I was asked to help the hospital staff of several clinics in Switzerland. The aim was to introduce them to hypnosis, especially in dealing with patients who have claustrophobia. In particular in the computer tomography (MRT) it happens again and again that patients must spend some minutes alone in a tube, so that one can make appropriate pictures and examinations, and they get claustrophobia. It happens that just such MRI patients get claustrophobia just before the examination. And the appointments for these patients are often tightly scheduled and there is not much time for claustrophobia. To give the hospital staff the right hypnotic tools was my task in this training.

There are hypnotic, fast-acting exercises and programs. Such, which I was allowed to teach this very staff in an evening seminar, so that they have less claustrophobic patients in dealing with MRI patients. The feedback and successes that these hospital personnel reported to me after a few weeks were exceptionally good.

Getting rid of claustrophobia once and for all is possible

In summary, if you suffer from claustrophobia that is affecting your quality of life or even your health, definitely consider hypnosis as a solution. You have acquired your claustrophobia at some point in your life. And what you have acquired, you can get rid of. Hypnosis is a method for this. And if you don’t want to have your claustrophobia to this extent anymore, decide now to get rid of it forever. I will be happy to help you and show you how.

Use and discover hypnosis for yourself. Book an appointment right now and improve your quality of life.

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Hypnosis against claustrophobia