With hypnosis allergy – become free

Over 25 million people in German-speaking countries are affected by allergies.

Allergies are occurring more and more frequently and all age groups are affected. The triggers are not always fully known.

Hay fever and asthma are probably the best known. Together with contact allergies, they are the most common. They are followed by food allergies, neurodermatitis and various insect venom allergies.

To become allergy-free is the wish of many!

Allergies are false reactions of the body to completely harmless substances. The organism mistakenly recognizes the triggering substances (the so-called allergens) as foreign or aggressive. Although it is inappropriate, the body wants to defend itself against it. It shows a reaction. In other words, the immune system goes “crazy”.

The most common causes that the body creates allergies are: Inner conflict, heavy load, stress.

Allergens (causing substances) are many-sided. Here are some of them: Animal dander, food (nuts, strawberries, soy,…), insect bites, mold, dust mites, mites, medicines, latex and of course, above all, plant pollen.

The consequences: Rashes on the skin, shortness of breath, swollen nasal mucous membranes, sneezing, eye inflammation and others just to name a few.

The quality of life is thereby clearly limited.

Hypnosis allergy

In the case of allergies, medical treatment usually only combats the symptoms. While one goes with the hypnosis the causes on the reason around then these to treat. In conventional orthodox medical treatments, the effect of the psyche on our immune system is not addressed. Therefore it helps only partially. However, our psyche is crucial. An unconscious trigger, a stress of emotions or fully automatic inner programs can trigger inappropriate and unpleasant allergic behavior.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, addresses the psyche and, as a result, can have a curative effect on physical illnesses. Treatment with the help of hypnosis is a more and more welcome alternative.

The most common reasons why a body reacts in the form of allergies are, as already mentioned: stress, inner conflicts and great strain.

Get rid of allergy with hypnosis

With allergy free hypnosis you can find out the crucial information from your own subconscious. And thus find out the reasons for the allergy or allergies. One can then begin to give the body new strategies to deal with the allergen. It is possible to steer the body into healthier ways and reactions.

The symptoms can be reduced in a relatively short time. Possibly even a complete abatement of the allergy reaction can occur. A stabilization of the immune system and the activation of the self-healing powers are consequently stimulated.

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Become allergy-free again with hypnosis.Allergie Frei werden