Relationship problems are as diverse as people themselves

There does not always have to be a relationship problem only in the partnership. Also with your business partners, work colleagues, neighbors, friends, parents and your children and many more relationship problems can arise.
A hypnosis session or an optimization of one’s own perception and feelings in order to adopt a more optimal behavior can already be a first step towards a solution.

Through hypnosis or hypnosis coaching, it is possible to adjust one’s own ego more optimally to the circumstances without suffering. It is also possible to digest feelings and injuries differently than was previously the case. Especially the emotional world is often under a lot of pressure during relationship problems. Injuries, self-worth and more cause an unattractive quality of life.

One’s own perception, the emotional world and programs or behavioral patterns that run internally can be optimized with hypnosis. Also solutions, which were not recognizable before, can be revealed by the all-knowing unconscious part in us under hypnosis.

Relationship problems, a first solution possibility

In my seminars I point out from time to time that many relationship problems are due to the fact that one does not perceive that the other person has a different perception of things. Each of us stores experiences or events differently in our mind and subconscious.

A small example: Let’s assume I have a partner who has the auditory as her preferred sensory channel (appealing to the sense of hearing). If I as a visual person (a distinctive sense for what one sees) now write her as proof of my love small notes with the inscription “I love you”, then this does not work for her in such a way, as I hope for it.

So if I show her again and again visually, so using the visual channel, how I love her, she reacts to it relatively little or neutral. But it is different when I know that her preferred sensory channel is the auditory channel. That is, hearing is important to her, that’s where her heart goes. Then I know that if I tell her “I love you”, she reacts much more than if I just show her (visually).

With an emotional person, the hug would then be important and so on.

That’s why the first thing you do when you have relationship problems is to find out what makes the other person tick.

Find out which thinking and feeling patterns the other person (partner, family, colleague, etc.) has, and then you have a great chance that both of you can communicate more skillfully and effectively. Words also create different inner images and inner feelings in each person, because each of us has different inner filters and experiences.

So if I know what words work for my counterpart and how, I can initiate an optimization of the relationship.
Because one’s own perception and one’s own thought system does not always match that of the other person or partner.

I would be happy to help you in a hypnosis coaching or a hypnosis session. Please contact me.

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