What is a hypnosis session

Hypnosis is a natural process. A process which takes place every day with you. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. A hypnosis session is: we discuss the desired topic and the desired change you would like to have. Based on another conversation we deepen the idea of change. Together we create the basis for a possible change and optimization. Using metaphors or stories we offer your conscious mind to find options and possible solutions. In a final step you can relax. If you want, you can close your eyes and you go into a trance-like state. I will give you suggestions by means of words, in the way we have discussed before. This is so that your subconscious mind can make the appropriate tweaks on a deeper level within you. You remain in control at all times.

What does a hypnosis session feel like?

Hypnosis feels something like when you close your eyes and relax. Sooner or later you will perceive inner images. Or feelings or inner voices or your own voice, that is, your own thinking. You can open your eyes at any time if you want to. So you can interrupt the hypnosis session at any time, think something else. Yes you can even talk, lie, laugh and more in hypnosis. The hypnosis state is similar to our sleep in the morning. When you are actually awake yet still lying in bed with your eyes closed visualizing things. Daydreaming is also a hypnotic state. And hypnosis feels just as similar. You are mentally somewhere else and do things there, but you always know, yes I am sitting here in a chair in the hypnosis practice of Michael Schmidt.

Who comes to a hypnosis session

Meanwhile really a great variety of people. Because more and more recognize the benefits and effectiveness of hypnosis. That is, children, teenagers, adults and older people, they all use hypnosis. Men as well as women. (Whereas most of my seminars are two-thirds women).

So in the hypnosis individual sessions nowadays really everyone comes: business people, students, athletes, artists, healthy, sick and more. There are those who come once or twice for a specific issue. Then they work on it, resolve it or optimize it. And then there are those who come on a longer term and regular basis. Be it because of health issues or projects they have. Inspiration and self-development are also regular topics. Or athletes who want to achieve a certain goal. I also have more and more clients who simply love the hypnotic state and use it as a relaxation and benefit like a pleasant massage. That is, they allow themselves a kind of massage of the soul. Very beneficial.

Others come with whole lists of change requests, which they then tackle session by session with me and implement the changes step by step. It is exciting for me to see how these people change over the months in a really positive way.

I am always asked, what is it like to go into hypnosis?

Many people think that hypnosis is a special state that can only be reached in a very deep level of consciousness or even has something mystical about it. However, this is not the case. And hypnosis is not an unconscious sleep. Or a helpless being at the mercy as it is portrayed in Hollywood comedies or TV shows. Hypnosis is an inner process that is stimulated by, among other things, closing your eyes and engaging with the inner world within you. As I said, you retain control at all times to open your eyes again or to get up and wake up. It is also possible that you remember everything that was done in hypnosis. However, I make sure that the hypnosis is therapeutic and goes in your mind. This means that you remain relaxed and protected and do the processes within yourself that you really want to change, improve and optimize.

Hypnosis is therefore not equal to sleep

And certainly not unconscious sleep. Of course, there are different stages of hypnosis depths and one or the other comes closer to the sleep state than the other. A short nodding off is also possible. However, hypnosis can really work well when you are in a trance-like state. That is, somehow in between. The word trance has its origin in French and means: transition.

Basically, as I mentioned, it’s relaxation. Hypnosis is like closing your eyes and not doing anything at first. In addition, one perceives or receives suggestions or stimuli in order to then initiate the desired change. The inner images, thoughts and feelings are stimulated and one’s imagination creates new experiences and realities. Sometimes it is whole inner movies that run: Sometimes just an inner feeling that changes or a color. It can also be a voice or one’s own inner voice that one perceives. Hypnosis or the hypnotic state is really very versatile and individual. And never the same. The unconscious part in ourselves makes the corresponding desired changes in its own way. More or less automatically on an unconscious level.

So one can achieve a hypnotic effect and stimulate changes while listening to a voice, listening to music or reading an appropriate text.

Further information:

The hypnosis session itself

You tell me your concern and your goal. We talk about it and do some small preliminary exercises so that you realize what hypnosis is and what it is not. Also so that you realize that hypnosis can also be experienced with your eyes open and completely conscious and it can work very effectively. In a second part in the same hour you may relax and close your eyes. We invite your inner world to join in. I give some optimal suggestions, which we have agreed upon together beforehand. Your inner world and the unconscious part in you start to integrate the new. A process is stimulated and takes place. You are in a protected environment and relaxed.

For the doubters: If suggestions are not suitable, you are protected by your own unconscious. It rejects everything that does not suit you, even in a deep hypnosis or trance.

A process of optimization and transformation is stimulated.

A process that leads to your goal or goals.

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